Letters: 10/24-31



Get back to economic development

The election season is coming to an end and not too soon. I would like to thank my opponents for publicly apologizing for their party chair and for one of the most negative campaigns in recent memory. On Nov. 5 I’m asking you for your support for both myself, Greg Helsmoortel and Marjorie Block. We represent a track record of putting the community first.

As I write this letter I’m preparing for our first budget workshop this afternoon. After the fire storm that occurred when Kelly Myers presented the preliminary budget to Joe Roberti Jr., the Republican Chair, and her husband, Will, before the board knew it even existed, the entire board told her we better see a different budget at our first workshop. Many of the cuts will leave the town exposed to legal action since they are either contractually binding or state-mandated. The budget as we first saw would not save a dime in taxes, but instead defer the cost to another year. It was a flawed budget, a political document and not a budget to realistically would fund the town for 2014. Every one of us on the board want to see taxes go down, but departments need people and the people need the tools to do their job. I make a pledge to make cuts where ever we possibly can and make sure there is no fluff in the new budget.

To call the budget requests a “wish list” as the supervisor has done is an insult to the department heads and to the other Town Board members. In the Building Department, for example, we have made cuts, while at the same time have taken steps to modernize the way the Department operates, which will save money in a long run. In the Justice Court, we’ve cut back on overtime. But this is a service that by law we have to provide and it can’t be considered a profit center for the town. It’s sole function is to dispense justice. Again, the preliminary budget cut the Justice’s salary by $2,000. We have the second largest and busiest court in the Hudson Valley and two of the lowest paid judges.


Let’s get back to economic development, attracting businesses, creating jobs and increasing our tax base and it’s something that until two years ago we were doing very successfully. This is how we will see taxes go down. Once again, I ask that you support Greg Helsmoortel, Bruce Leighton and Marjorie Block on Nov. 5.

Bruce Leighton



Schirmer is the best choice for working class Saugerties

I am a Saugerties resident and am very concerned with the current direction the town is going. I am of the working class and unfortunately the tax climate here is not very friendly to this demographic. So I take this election year very seriously. I want to see someone elected into office that works for me and really tries to improve the livability for those who fall into the “not so rich” group.

In this upcoming election I am very confident in Bill Schirmer being that person. I have grown to know Bill through my activity in the Saugerties Fish & Game Club where he served as president. He is a genuine individual who listens to what people say. He weighs options and takes into account the impacts of them beyond the moment. This is a quality trait that is not so readily found in current government representatives. Bill lives and raises his family in Saugerties and has a real interest to the betterment of our community.

To give you an example; Bill is the mastermind of the Saugerties Youth fishing tournament held at the Saugerties Reservoir. He set out to create a day of family fun that would not cost a dime to families to participate. A day where Saugerties residents could watch their children have a blast, free hot dogs and drinks, and not burden the hard-working parents with a dent in there wallet. Bill is a man with diligence and drive that always looks to improvement and strives towards it. That is what the leadership in this town needs. We need true integrity that is proven rather than proclaimed. Someone who sees and genuinely cares about the struggles the working class face. We need responsibility in managing our town in the same manner we have to limit ourselves managing our households. That is what Bill brings to the table. Bill is not a Saugerties elitist and is running because he, like me, and everyone else who sees their tax bill and quivers is fed up. He is fed up with the out of control burdens forced onto us and he is taking a stand to correct it. That’s the drive a political leader was intended to represent us with. I am proud to have Bill as a friend of mine because of the character he possesses. I am putting my good name and all I stand for on this letter because I believe in him and his intentions without any doubt. I hope all Saugertesians on election day will join me in a vote for Bill Schirmer, a vote for real progress and improvement for the residents of our town.

Auguste E. VanEtten



Block walks the walk

I am a newly arrived resident of Saugerties but have lived in Ulster County for 30 years. During this time, as far away as my old home in Phoenicia, I have heard of the amazing volunteer work of Saugerties resident Marjorie Block. She has done so much for her community as an historian, a non-profit board member, a volunteer for community events and so much more. Marjorie has made a huge difference in her community just by caring and getting out there and doing! I am voting for Marjorie this election because she has proven herself to “walk the walk” and not just “talk the talk”! Can you imagine the difference she will make on a larger scale as a Town Board member? Let’s not imagine- let’s make it happen! Vote Marj Block this November!

Jen Dragon



Block is dedicated to community

It is my pleasure to add my name to the long list of supporters for Marjorie Block to become a member of the Saugerties Town Board.

Marjorie has been involved in many organizations and is an active volunteer: historian for the Village of Saugerties, president of the Saugerties Historical Society, tourism chair for the town of Saugerties and much more.

Her willingness to help all in time of need, make clear, she is the right person to serve the residents of Saugerties as a Town Board member. I urge all residents to support Marjorie Block for Saugerties Town Board on Nov. 5.

Jeanette Provenzano



Bruno is honest and respectful

I am writing to support the re-election of Jimmy Bruno. I have known Jimmy for about 20 years and he has the biggest heart of anybody I know. He has been there for me in so many ways and I know that he has done the same for others. Jimmy is both honest and respectful of others. I can’t say enough about Jimmy. Saugerties needs to keep Jimmy in office. Please vote for Jimmy Bruno on Nov. 5.

Mark DeCicco