Letters: 10/24-31

Democrats for Mayone

I urge all voters to get out this Nov. 5 and vote for Ray Mayone for highway superintendent. Town of Saugerties residents, this is an opportunity for us to elect a man who is highly qualified and will bring integrity back to our highway department. This is easy for me to tell you since I worked for Ray for years. He was a great boss and always treated me with respect. It always impressed me how he was with his customers. The position of highway superintendent is a perfect fit for Ray because he not only brings along a wealth of construction experience, he also brings a smart business mind, too. Ray is a hard-working man and will make his presence known immediately. I can guarantee that if you don’t have the pleasure of knowing Ray yet, you will. Remember, the roads belong to us. So, my fellow Democratic friends and all voters, cast your ballot for Ray Mayone for highway superintendent.

Darren Chlud



Why replace a winner?

As a fairly new resident of Saugerties, I felt it very important to attend Candidate’s Night on Oct. 10 in order to familiarize myself with the candidates and their perspectives on the issues and how they would deal with them. I was impressed with the fact that Doug Myer has built up a “rainy day” fund to deal with issues such as replacing aging equipment by outright purchase, rather than using taxpayer funds to pay interest; also having monies on hand to deal with emergencies. He has also done a very good job the last two years. Mr. Mayone is obviously a decent individual, but why replace a winner?

Manda Weintraub

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Saugerties needs Mayone

Prior to this campaign season ending, I would like to talk about one of the candidates who in my opinion would be a major asset to the Town of Saugerties.


Before I go on, I feel it important to explain how I arrived at my decision to make an endorsement, one that I do not take lightly. After having served in the U.S. Navy, I settled and have lived in this community for a long time and raised my family here as well. I have spent my professional life working in the Hudson Valley and now that I am retired, my wife and I have decided that Saugerties is where we want to spend the rest of our time surrounded by family and doing those things that we enjoy. I have been involved in a number of community organizations, such as being a volunteer fireman for over 50 years. In addition I am involved in local Sportsmen clubs and activities. Plus, through the years I have been on numerous town committees, even chairing some, so that I could continue to contribute in some fashion to the community where I live.

All of this experience has led me to believe that certain traits are important when analyzing an individual. I believe strongly that commitment to a strong work ethic, honesty, love of family and community, respect and volunteerism are important components that influence a person’s character. It is for these reasons that I endorse Ray Mayone for town of Saugerties highway superintendent.

Ray has exhibited those traits that not only enrich an individual, but those around him as well as the community. In addition to the strong work ethic, honesty and commitment to community, Ray’s professional record is unmatched. He started and has successfully run his own construction business for over 30 years. His knowledge of the roads and all that that entails is without question. He understands the implications of a budget and the necessity to be frugal and wise, and as a retiree this being wise with taxpayer’s money is very important to me! Ray will not make the typical noise that politicians make. He will be plain spoken and honest. He will provide the services that the tax money is targeted for and not pretend that money not spent for its intended use is somehow a windfall. As Ray has said, “potholes are not Republican or Democrat.”

So this November when you go to the polls, remember that Ray Mayone is the type of man who you would want as a neighbor. He is the guy whose door you can knock on when you need a favor, someone who can be counted on if you are in a tough spot. He is the type of person that Saugerties not only wants, but needs.

Cliff Tienken Sr.



Mayone will make us proud

I would like to take this opportunity to encourage the voters of Saugerties to please get out on Nov. 5 and vote for Ray Mayone for highway superintendent. We have before us a qualified candidate who will bring our Highway Department back to where the taxpayers will be proud. We need to have an individual in office that will be seen and heard on a regular basis and not just during election time. We need a highway superintendent that will run the Highway Department in an efficient and cost effective manner. Let’s get this job done and get Ray Mayone elected. Thank you.

Michael Esposito Jr.