Letters: 10/24-31



Thanks for the clarification

I would like to take a brief moment to thank my opponent for the detailed definition of the word “budget.” The definition is correct, but the assumption that all budgets are exactly the same as Mr. Mayone believes is false and quite alarming.

Mr. Mayone, if I gave you the definition of “horse,” then proceeded to try and convince you that all horses are exactly the same would you believe me?

It’s becoming quite clear that you have never created or worked within a municipal budget and after the election is not the time to try and learn this.


Mr. Mayone would also like the readers to know that there are several roads that are in need of repair. This statement is very true, there are and most certainly always will be roads that need renovation or complete refurbishing. If there weren’t roads that need attention, then we would just have to bring in men for snow removal. This would be wonderful, but it doesn’t happen in the real world.

A statement was made that I spent $ 48,725 on computer maintenance from a specific line item within my chart of accounts. If Mr. Mayone had bothered to look just a bit further he would have seen that “Incode,” the towns accounting software system applied the Marshall and Sterling insurance payment to this line, as it did in 2012. A simple correction will be made at year’s end. Never has there been this amount of money spent on computers at the highway dept. A direct question is in order here to my opponent. Raymond, where did you come by this information since it was never FOILed?

In closing, the closer we come to Nov. 5 Election Day, the clearer the choice is becoming. I ask the voters in Saugerties to compare records. Mine are in black and white, can be substantiated with hard copy proof and will withstand complete scrutiny from any angle. Has anyone other than myself noticed that absolutely no qualifications as of yet have been presented, showing that Mr. Mayone is qualified to handle the Highway Department or the FEMA department if he is successful in his quest for highway superintendent? It’s very heartwarming that he has a wonderful family and he gives free pony rides, but forgive me if I’m missing something here…Does this qualify a man to run two departments with a combined budget exceeding six million dollars?

I think not.

Douglas F. Myer

Town of Saugerties superintendent of highways


Mayone’s plans for the Highway Department

I would like take a moment to share some thoughts on the upcoming election— specifically my run for the position of highway superintendent.

We need a training program for our more junior employees so that, as senior operators retire, we can promote from within when appropriate. We need to give junior employees “seat time” training by our skilled senior employees. This is essential to develop skill succession, foster employee development and boost department morale.

Although my opponent requested a raise when he began his term, I can assure you that my intentions are different. My motivation in running for this position is to give back to the taxpayers the quality department they deserve and are already paying for. I want to go on the record that I, for one, am not looking for anything more.

We need to eliminate practices that reduce the effectiveness of the department. My opponent seems to think it is okay to pull a senior worker in on Saturday or Sunday to clean the office—on overtime—or to then give compensatory time off. Cleaning the office is not the responsibility of the Highway Department. We also should not be calling in employees—off active roadwork—to spend six hours cleaning the superintendent’s pick-up truck. Such practices are simply inappropriate. Furthermore, I will be happy to keep my own truck clean.

We need to eliminate safety and health issues wherever possible. For example, the department’s ice machine is located in the bathroom, in a shower stall, next to the urinals. This is a serious safety issue since that shower is there so an employee can take an emergency shower in the event of on-the-job contamination. It’s also a health issue because ice is legally considered food and neither food prep nor storage is permitted in bathrooms.

Much has been said on the FEMA work performed by the department as a result of the natural disasters that struck our communities, and specifically on the complexities of dealing with FEMA. The reality of the situation is that the last of several FEMA jobs is being worked on right now and all FEMA work will be complete by the end of 2013. I’ve worked with federal agencies before and I feel confident in my ability to work effectively with FEMA in the event we should need to in the future.

The Highway Department has roughly 60 pieces of equipment. It is my experience that well-maintained machinery is safer to operate, lasts longer, and runs more efficiently— and is also cheaper overall than premature replacement. New equipment is routinely ordered while good machinery is left unmaintained to rust outside. We need to get back to basics and properly maintain our expensive equipment— paid for with taxpayer money. Currently three new machines have been purchased within the past year and a new truck has just been delivered. Let’s put taxpayer money into the infrastructure where it benefits the taxpayers and not in new equipment unnecessarily.

As highway superintendent my goal will be to elevate the Highway Department to a more efficient and effective operation by applying sound management principles and the kind of cooperative leadership the taxpayers of Saugerties once enjoyed and rightly deserve. I want to bring the highway department back to the quality it was under previous leaders. If elected, I’ll bring integrity and harmony back.

Ray Mayone



Former employee for Mayone

As a past employee of Ray Mayone Construction, I felt I had to write a letter of recommendation for Ray. I believe we have an amazing opportunity in this town right now. I believe the town of Saugerties would benefit tremendously by having Ray on their team. Of course, I speak from experience because I know Raymond personally as well as professionally. Ray is a fair and honest man.

I worked for Ray for three years with his construction business. He runs his equipment with such ease. He also is not afraid to get dirty. Ray would think nothing of jumping in the hole to lay pipe while one of his guys operated a machine. I have seen him work long hours and never once complain. He always completed his jobs leaving satisfied customers behind. It was always a pleasure to work with Ray. If something were to break down, I could guarantee, you would find him at night in his shop repairing what needed to be fixed so that work would continue the next day. I was always amazed that Ray remained so calm. He would never raise his voice. Sometimes we employees can do the dandiest things.

In closing, I just wanted to express once again my support of Ray. In fact, I am anxious for Election Day because I can’t wait to cast my vote for Ray Mayone for highway superintendent. Thank you for your time and attention.

Roger C. Albright



Mayone will be an excellent leader

I have known Mr. Raymond Mayone since 1978 when he was a student of mine at Saugerties High School. He was a sophomore at the time and was already operating a backhoe in his spare time. Subsequently, after leaving teaching, I began a general contracting business and Mr. Mayone was the sub-contractor handling all of my heavy equipment needs which included excavations, septic systems, and road construction. Eventually, Mr. Mayone became a partner in the Bishop’s Gate development in charge of large-scale road building as well as all the utility, sanitation and excavations required in a large residential subdivision. This required skills in management, scheduling and coordinating work to meet the time lines that developments require. Mr. Mayone, with the wealth of hands-on knowledge and experience he possesses, would make an excellent leader of the Saugerties Highway Department. Please get out and vote on Nov. 5 for Ray Mayone for highway superintendent.

Charles Schirmer