Mandy Constable and Debra Tierney run for the position of Rosendale town clerk

Debra Tierney and Mandy Constable. (photos by Lauren Thomas)

Debra Tierney and Mandy Constable. (photos by Lauren Thomas)

Two candidates are running for the position of Rosendale town clerk. Incumbent Debra Tierney (R/C/I) is being challenged by Mandy Constable (D). Here are their responses to questions from the New Paltz Times.


Mandy Constable (D)

Why did you decide to run for office?

I was approached by the Rosendale Democratic Committee. They asked me if I was interested in running, so I looked into it.

I’m currently a court clerk and I’ve lived in Rosendale my whole life. It’s a great community and a great place to live and I wanted to help out in some way. The town clerk can help people as the “face” of the town. I have the positive energy to make Town Hall a positive place to be.


So I went to the caucus and I got the endorsement!


What positions/experiences/skills do you believe will make you a competent town clerk?

I’ve worked as a court clerk since 2008, in both Rosendale and Marbletown. I’ve also worked for the Crossroads Deli in Cottekill for 13 years. So I know a lot of people in Rosendale. I’ve proved that I can manage the Deli and also that I can manage two jobs while raising one son alone.

In my work I’ve developed computer skills, phone skills and people skills. I know how to handle both the happy public and the angry public. In court, you deal with a lot more angry than happy people! But I know how to handle those situations.

One thing that I don’t need to be trained for is how to make people feel welcomed and well-cared-for. I do it all the time at the Deli and I do it all the time at the Town Court. It’s an important part of my job, regardless of the situation, to satisfy each person. After all, Town Hall belongs to all of us and all should feel welcomed there.

Other experience that I’ve gotten from working as a court clerk includes dealing with different agencies like police departments, the County Clerk’s Office, state agencies in Albany, the Department of Motor Vehicles, prisons and attorneys. I love dealing with the public — that’s one of the main reasons why I want to do this job.


What do you see as the top three greatest challenges facing the Town of Rosendale right now?

1. The Rosendale Pool is not up and running.

2. The Williams Lake Project.

3. The sewer system is a problem.

As a private individual, I can do fundraisers, but I can’t otherwise affect these problems as town clerk.


If elected, what would be your top three priorities?

1. My number-one priority is to try to keep the town clerk’s office open later hours one or two nights a week. It’s currently only open until 4 p.m. Working people have to take time off to get to the town clerk’s office if they need something. If I didn’t work for the town, I would not be able to get there before they close. The Department of Motor Vehicles stays open until 6:30 on Thursday instead of 4:45, which is great for people who work.

2. My second priority is to be there for the community — to assist and help the public as much as I can and have them be satisfied with their experience with the office.

3. My third priority would be to get all the proper training that I need: to become a notary; to join the Town Clerks’ Association; to learn all the laws that apply to the job. You don’t know any job when you start unless you’re trained.