Rosaria Peplow and Sally Bellacicco will face off for the position of Lloyd town clerk

Rosaria Peplow and Sally Bellacicco. (photos by Lauren Thomas)

Rosaria Peplow and Sally Bellacicco. (photos by Lauren Thomas)

Two candidates are running for the position of Lloyd town clerk. Incumbent Rosaria Peplow (D) is being challenged by Sally Bellacicco (R). Here are their responses to questions from the New Paltz Times.


Rosaria Peplow

Why did you decide to run for another term and how long have you served as town clerk?

I have served as Town of Lloyd town clerk since 1986 and was deputy town clerk in 1985. I am again running for the office of town clerk because I feel that my experience and knowledge can be of continuing service to the town. I enjoy giving one-on-one attention to the individuals who come into my office for information and help.



What experiences/skills/qualifications to you have that you believe make you the best candidate for the position?

I have been town clerk for 28 years and have continued to attend conferences and workshops to keep current on town clerk, tax collection and record management issues.


What do you see as the two greatest challenges facing the position of town clerk in Highland?

1. Continue to provide personal attention and assistance to residents of Lloyd as new technologies are incorporated in my office.

2. Requesting funding needed, through grant applications and budget allocation, to digitize town records and store the hard copies off-site.


If reelected, what would be your top three priorities?

1. Implementing the record management program that I have created, which would save money by requiring less space.

2. Supporting the countywide tax database that is being developed, at the request of the tax collectors, by the Ulster County Information Services.

3. Continuing to develop procedures that ensure the accurate recording of money collected by my office from various town departments.


What else would you like the voters to know about you?

I am a founding officer of the Ulster County Town Clerks’ and Tax Collectors’ Association. I support that organization as a means of continuing education and sharing of information with my fellow town clerks.