Letter: Ciarlante puts Saugerties first

AFP_Gaetana Ciarlante sqI write this letter so that the people of Saugerties will vote for Gaetana Ciarlante for town supervisor.

I supported Kelly Myers in 2011 but it didn’t take long to see that it was a mistake when her actions demonstrated her to be self-serving and her own self-interest was her primary motivation. I truly support Gaetana with great enthusiasm. I’ve known Gaetana for 10 years and I know she has the qualities to be a great supervisor.

I am really disturbed by some of the misrepresentation coming out of the propaganda machine of the Republican Party. This machine is manufacturing slanderous and total distortions of Gaetana’s beliefs. Could it be that Joe Roberti Jr. and Kelly Myers are worried about Kelly losing to Gaetana?


Are they trying to compensate for Kelly’s incompetence? Are they hoping to have Republican voters forget that Kelly’s garnered only four more votes than Gaetana at the Republican caucus or is the political machine becoming worried about losing its power and position of influence? Gaetana’s truthfulness, commitment and her hard work will not allow for this corruption when she is in office.

I have been a lifelong Republican and the lies being perpetrated by the Republican machine create a doubt about supporting any of the Republican endorsed candidates.

Gaetana is a life-long resident of Saugerties who loves her community. She has done so much for the Republican Party, is a model of Republican principles, and is dedicated to working for the good of the Saugerties residents.

Gaetana has demonstrated great leadership ability and is someone who will fight for the best interest of our town. She believes in open government by the people, team work with the Town Board members and government transparency.

I hope the voters will have the opportunity to get to know her. I know people who would go through a brick wall for Gaetana because she is a loving and caring person. I hope people turn off the propaganda machine and see that she really loves and cares for our town.

Richard O’ Gorman