Letter: Yes to tax cut!

tax cutI’m writing to commend Supervisor Kelly Myers for proposing a property tax cut for 2014.

Kelly entered office with a negative fund balance and $400,000 in unpaid county charges. Greg Helsmoortel said he didn’t pay the bills out of “protest.” This protest backfired as the county demanded payment last year and the town exceeded the tax cap.

Kelly worked hard to reduce spending and reform town government. Last year’s tax increase would have been avoided if Democrats supported $400,000 in cuts she proposed.


Unbelievably, Kelly is being attacked by Democrats for having the nerve to cut taxes. Bruce Leighton and Fred Costello have already threatened to override her cuts and increase property taxes. This is not surprising, as property taxes doubled since Democrats have controlled the Town Board.

Once again, thank you Kelly for watching out for Saugerties taxpayers. I encourage voters to give Kelly a Town Board that will work with her to control spending and property taxes.

Ross Simera