Letter: Helsmoortel for supervisor, a return to civility

Greg helsmoortelEvery week I get ready to reply to Republican Chairman Joe Roberti Jr. after I see his letters in our local papers. As always they are the same lies, or gigantic exaggerations repeated over and over, so I made the decision not to reply. I think most people do not even read his childish rants anymore. However this past week he came up with a new attack that is just amazing and it required a response. According to Mr. Roberti, Town Board member Bruce Leighton and I were responsible for Vertis leaving Saugerties. This is nonsense. Vertis relies heavily on a strong newspaper industry as they do inserts for them. With the newspaper industry on a decline their need to consolidate was great and leaving Saugerties was a corporate decision. Their leaving Saugerties was a loss for our economy and workforce but implying that town government was the reason for their departure was a very desperate attack. Very desperate and very irresponsible.

Another writer thinks the $400,000 in cuts to last year’s budget was a legitimate attempt to reduce spending. That was a political ploy that most people knew was impossible to achieve. Another writer last week, Vince Hackett, brought up the carousel again. His facts are far from the truth and ridiculous. To dredge up this past issue also reeks of desperation.

Enough replying to trash.

We need to revive economic development and have, nonpartisan leadership with respectful treatment of all town employees and department heads. The Town Board must be included in all discussions, transactions and decisions, especially those involving the drafting of our town budget. Town Board meetings must be run properly, and there must be a return to civility. These are just some of the issues that I want to bring back to the government of Saugerties.


I look forward to representing Saugerties again as your town supervisor. With your vote on Nov. 5 we can end the squabbling and give you back the professional government that you deserve.

Greg Helsmoortel



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  1. Judith Simon

    Saugerties cannot afford another irresponsible, self-serving Kelly Myers administration. A vote for Greg Helsmoortel is indeed a vote for the return of professional, responsible government that serves all the people of Saugerties.

  2. Monica

    A vote for Helsmoortel is a vote for higher property taxes, more projects like Dickinson’s Keep, more secretive, closed government. Greg sounds very cocky. He shouldn’t count his chickens yet. People haven’t forgotten his terrible record as Supervisor.

  3. Felina

    Trash??? I’d say a person who just ignored a town board resolution to name town hall after Roger Donlon for over ten years is trash. I heard Helsmoortel didn’t even attend the ceremony. What a class act!

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