Highland town supervisor Paul Hansut versus Michael Guerriero

Paul Hansut and Michael Guerriero. (photos by Lauren Thomas)

Paul Hansut and Michael Guerriero. (photos by Lauren Thomas)

Paul Hansut is the incumbent town supervisor running on the Republican and Conservative lines.


Why did you decide to run for office for a second term?

I enjoy the challenges that come along with the supervisor position. I have spent my adult life serving the public. I spent 20 years in law enforcement (for the City of Poughkeepsie,) four years as an Ulster County Legislator, two as majority leader and now two years as Town of Lloyd supervisor.



What positions, experiences and skills do you believe will make you a competent supervisor?

I believe my experience both in the county legislature and in law enforcement has given me the problem-solving skills need to be supervisor.


What is your opinion of the draft comprehensive plan in light of recent concerns/criticisms coming from Scenic Hudson and others?

I am very pleased with the work that the comprehensive plan review committee has done in preparing this document. The committee was a very diverse group of towns people which was chaired by Brad Scott (chairman of the planning board.) The committee consisted of members of the planning board, zoning board, town board; the highway, recreation and town building departments; the economic development committee, the Highland School District, Ulster County Planning Board, Lloyd Development Association and the environmental conservation committee. The committee was very thorough in presenting a document that promotes both economic growth and environmental concerns.


How do you believe Highland can best harness ecotourism with the half- million visitors coming to the Walkway Over the Hudson each year, as well as the extensions to your rail-trail and the soon-to-be opened Highland Landing Park along the Hudson River to bring business dollars into town?

I believe with the town adopting the zoning changes which were proposed for the Walkway-Gateway region that we will be making a huge step forward to capture those visiting the Walkway as well as having incentives for businesses to come to our community. It was a great partnership between the town, Scenic Hudson and all stakeholders involved. I personally want to thank the Dyson Foundation for their support and VOX for their diligent service to this project. I know with the wayfinding signs that will soon be in place which will make those visiting the Walkway more informed about all the other resources and points of interest that await them here in the Town of Lloyd and Ulster County.


What are your ideas for long-term infrastructure for municipal water and sewer?

We recently applied for various grants to extend water south on Route 9W to the town line (towards Marlboro.) This extension will enhance and expand our municipal water and sewer system to serve the existing user and support economic development which will bring jobs to help grow our tax base.


What do you see as the top three greatest challenges facing the Town of Lloyd right now?

The top three challenges are 1) Maintaining the quality of services which our community has come to enjoy and expect while keeping property taxes manageable,. 2) Preserving the rural character of our community while enhancing our commercial development needs, and 3) capturing the million visitors to the Walkway yearly and show them the offering here in our town.


If elected, what would be your top three priorities?

I believe the challenges are also our priorities and go hand in hand.