Rich Koenig is running against incumbent Gardiner town supervisor Carl Zatz

Carl Zatz and Rich Koenig. (photos by Lauren Thomas)

Carl Zatz and Rich Koenig. (photos by Lauren Thomas)

Carl Zatz is the Democratic incumbent town supervisor in Gardiner. He is also running on the Working Families line.


Why did you decide to run for another term as town supervisor?

Serving as supervisor allows me to be closer to my community. Just being able to say that I’m town supervisor is a great source of pride. Mostly, people can see the results of my work up-close, and it gives me great pleasure to hear how much of my work has enriched the town.



What positions, experiences and skills do you believe will make you a competent supervisor?

I’m a born organizer, whether it’s producing my daughter’s birthday party or running a company with offices around the world. My managerial and financial skills make me feel at home in the supervisor’s office, but it’s my accessibility to residents and my visibility around town that gives folks the confidence that I can lead.


What are your thoughts on the possibility of Gardiner getting municipal water and sewer?

Gardiner is launching an innovative way of monitoring the use of our water supplies. By monitoring a series of wells, we’ll be able to paint a picture of our below-ground water levels and recharge patterns. This will take the burden of future business developers while making accurate assessments of the water available.


What do you see as the top three greatest challenges facing the Town of Gardiner right now?

Nothing is more important than a comprehensive plan for our town’s infrastructure and investing in it wisely. Our highway department, sewer system, office and municipal software, waste facilities, all have to be top-notch with equipment that can do the job and trained workers who are fairly paid. This is the basic groundwork for a town that works, commutes and plays. Next, Gardiner has to be a leader in quality services for kids and seniors: transportation, high-speed technology, a viable library, quality recreation, and so on. Finally, we must participate and if necessary lead the fight against insidious property taxes. This extraordinary burden pulls at the fabric of our community.


If elected, what would be your top three priorities?

Planning for the future while enjoying every minute of today. We’re a community rich in natural beauty, rural traditions and community values. But folks that point only to the past undermine the future. We need the sort of services that support stay-at-home, work-at-home, and study-at-home residents while getting commuters and others to their jobs. Those working to improve their lot by working two jobs, studying at a community college, or taking online training know the importance of a town that works. Business development in Gardiner is important to our growth, especially in agriculture. Our support of local farms, light manufacturing and tourism will guide our future.


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  1. vinny b

    what happen to the comments from carl zatz on the face book page its hard to follow when some ones comments are deleted in this campaign every one should have the right to be seen with there comments , he being my supervisor i’d like to know what he said to know his stance on the issues of ” where the moneys going ?

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