Partition St. needs to be dug up

partition HZTA 60-foot portion of Partition St. between Main and Jane streets will need to be excavated to replace the sewer main, said Mayor Bill Murphy at the Sept. 16 Village Board meeting. Work will begin next spring.

That part of the street will be closed to vehicle traffic for two or three days during work.

The village had hoped to be able to avoid excavation entirely by relining the main from above, as was done elsewhere on the sewer replacement project this year, but this stretch of century-old clay pipes are too damaged.


The mains collapsed twice last year, requiring emergency replacement by the village DPW.

Other portions of the main are actually in better shape than was thought, said Trustee Donald Hackett. “We saw a lot of cracks in the line,” Hackett said, but those portions of the pipe can be relined.

Hackett said the relining process consists of running tubing that looks much like a sock up the lines through a manhole. The tubing is then inflated, and an epoxy is injected, creating a liner for the pipes.

The Partition St. main is part of a project that also includes the line under Main St. and a stretch that runs from Ulster Ave. behind Price Chopper through a dozen or so residential properties to the foot of Partition, and from there to the Dock Street treatment plant. The budget for the entire project is between $1.2 and $1.6 million; $800,000 will come from a federal grant, and the remainder from a no-interest loan.