Kids’ Almanac (August 22-29)

Winter Sun Farms seeking fall/winter members now

If you’re nervous about joining a CSA (community-supported agriculture) because you feel guilty about wasting all of the uneaten chard-becoming-slime that you created in your fridge just during the summer months, Winter Sun Farms is for you. If you’re nervous about making your way through all of the produce between shares, Winter Sun Farms is for you. If you’re tired of reading labels that indicate that your frozen veggies have traveled to more countries than you have (perhaps creating a culinary form of FOMO?), Winter Sun Farms is for you.

I’ll be honest: I love knowing that all of my vegetables and fruits in my Winter Sun Farms (WSF) share are locally grown, but I really love that they’re all pre-bagged and freezer-ready for whenever I need them, no processing necessary. Or maybe you’re not the one with concerns about delicious produce; you just don’t think that your kids will eat it. This anecdote from WSF regional director for the Hudson Valley Katy Kondrat might help:

“At the farmers’ market yesterday where I was tabling for WSF, a woman came up to our table with her two sons, about ages 8 and 10. She said they both were not big fans of vegetables, and they were quick to agree with her. I offered them to try the simple local butternut-squash-and-corn soup that I made from WSF frozen veggies, garlic, onion and some spices. They were a little tentative, but with some coaxing, they tried it – and loved it! What I took from that interaction is that when we cook and present veggies well (and do it consistently), and talk about where our food comes from, kids respond.”


I just read in my Winter Sun Farms newsletter that “WSF works with over 60 schools and colleges in the Hudson Valley and New York City region, including SUNY-New Paltz, SUNY-Albany, Vassar, Marist, Bard, New School and Yale…” But in order to have this supply ready for the schools to purchase in the fall, WSF needs to buy the produce now. WSF is looking to sign up 1,200 members by August 31 to cover the cost of the winter shares and to help fund the Farm-to-School program.

WSF has monthly share pickup points throughout the area, and our family considers it one more way to appreciate summer’s bounty in the middle of winter. And did I mention that it already comes freezer- or shelf-ready? For more information or to become a shareholder, call (845) 255-1699 or visit


Art and Music Day at Sky Lake Meditation Center in Kingston

As August winds down, so do many of the children’s camps in the area; so that means more pool and beach time, but it also allows room in the schedule for this special program: Sky Lake Summer Dharma Kids’ Art and Music Day. The Sky Lake Meditation Center setting is so peaceful, and while it’s just a couple of minutes from Main Street in Rosendale, I always feel like I’m a million miles from my regular world.

Art and Music Day is led by Barbara Bash and Timothy Quigley. Katy Bray, homeopath and representative for children and families at Sky Lake Meditation Center, describes the program: “Teachers Barbara Bash and Timothy Quigley are coming together and offering a dynamic, fun day of art and music at Sky Lake Meditation Center. Both are masters in their fields. Barbara Bash will be engaging the children in drawing and writing, ‘The Illustrated Journal,’ ‘drawing what interests us and writing our hearts on the page.’ Timothy Quigley will lead explorations in rhythm, ‘Synchronizing Body & Mind.’ Both inspire a dynamic attentiveness in the children with a playful approach to meditation in action. The natural beauty of the Sky Lake grounds is such a rich environment for creativity and adventure. The meditative, contemplative experience is practiced through various artforms as reminders for appreciating and being present to the simple joys of everyday life.”

Art and Music Day takes place on Monday, August 26 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The program is available to children and youth ages 8 years and up. The cost is $25 for the day, and participants should bring a lunch. Sky Lake is located at 22 Hillcrest Lane in Rosendale. For more information or to register, call (845) 658-8556, e-mail or visit To learn more about the instructors, visit and Interested in more youth programming? Bray says, “Look out for Sky Lake’s unique fall and winter series for children as well.”

Erica Chase-Salerno is squeezing in RoMo beach daytrips. She and her husband Mike live in New Paltz with their two children: the inspirations behind She can be reached at

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    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your article on FOMO. I’ve never heard it before either, but can
    totally relate to its meaning. It takes work to be at peace with our daily decisions-
    especially as homeschoolers, right? Thank you for sharing your story. I enjoyed
    reading it.
    Kristen M.

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