New beat on Water Street

Then there’s the assortment of refurbished vintage drums that includes some Gretsch collectibles made in Brooklyn in the ‘60s and a drum that was on the Howdy Doody Show. Bowman has some new drums as well, and is carrying the Crescent line of cymbals and gongs, handmade in Turkey, that I’m assured sound as good as they look.

Clients visiting the light-filled warehouse reap the benefits of Bowman’s lifetime of experience as a professional drummer, instrument-builder and studio designer with over 200 recording studios to his credit, including facilities for Alicia Keyes and Howard Shore. Bowman built the jazz club at Jack & Luna’s Café in Stone Ridge, where his wife and co-owner Julie runs the restaurant side of things and he takes care of the entertainment, booking the acts and playing drums with the top jazz talent that appears regularly there (check out for details).

Bowman is enthused about the new venture in New Paltz, which is really an extension of something that he has spent his entire life doing, he says, having grown up in North Carolina where his father and uncle owned a furniture factory and he was always around things being made and people making music. CHBO Drums is open Thursdays through Mondays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. or by appointment. The website,, is set up for online sales.


CHBO Drums, 11 Water Street, New Paltz; (917) 217-3107,

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  1. Barry Hausman

    What a fantastic find! I would take the hour and a half drive from NJ to Chris’s shop once a month if I could. Great guy with a big music & drum knowledge base.
    Hey Chris, if I quit my job can I get an apprenticeship?

  2. Pamela A Parker

    I have to say, Chris is the most down to earth, knowledgeable, and nice guy to come to New Parts. When I stop in and he always stops what he is doing to chat. He helped me make a percussion board that can be worn to march in for a Xmas present for my fellow band member ( it is a hit, and everyone asks where she got it). Chris will always take time to explain things about the drum sets he has and where he got them…….some good stories too! I can’t say enough about the beautiful work he does. If you are in New Paltz, make it a point to visit CHBO drums, you will be glad you did! Thanks Chris, Pam

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