Nearly $100M in construction to start at SUNY New Paltz in the fall

The Wooster Science Building at SUNY New Paltz remains under construction. (photo by Lauren Thomas)

The Wooster Science Building at SUNY New Paltz remains under construction. (photo by Lauren Thomas)

In terms of construction, SUNY New Paltz is in for some good news: Two projects are finished and New York State — by releasing needed funding — has put two delayed building projects back on track.

New Paltzians have already noticed work at the big college parking lot on Route 32. That work is done, including the installation of permeable asphalt to help with drainage, according to John Shupe, the college’s assistant vice president in charge of facilities.


“It’s our first project on campus with permeable asphalt,” Shupe explained. Traditional blacktop creates big runoff problems whenever storm water hits. SUNY New Paltz officials are excited about using a more environmentally friendly building material.

That parking lot project totaled a bit more than $11.7 million in work, but it also included a significant amount of landscaping and the final touches to the Mohonk Walk. Route 32’s parking lot is also finished early, since it was predicted to wrap up in August.

Faculty Tower also had work going on — about $650,000 to modernize and upgrade the elevators. That work is also complete, also well ahead of schedule. They were supposed to finish this fall.

Students and visitors will see about the same level of construction and telltale orange fencing this year, when the academic year starts, as when students left campus. People coming to SUNY New Paltz should expect some limitations in travel.

“Wooster Building will still be under construction,” said Shupe. “It limits the access a little bit north-to-south. They’d have to cut through Coykendall Science Building to get to the concourse as they’re walking from the south — or walk around to the Mohonk Walk. But that hasn’t changed since last spring.”

Still going on are roof replacements at Bliss and Scudder halls, but that should wrap up this summer.

Capen Hall student room renovations are also on track to be finished this summer. Capen and Scudder were getting upgraded curtain walls, while Bliss Hall got a new storefront. That project should also come to a close before the summer ends.

In late July, SUNY officials were meeting to discuss building a new, $27.4 million residence hall. The 224-bed dorm would be built at a current parking lot near Esopus Hall and Lenape Hall. The college should go out to bid on that project this fall.