Personally speaking: Matt Eyler

Matt Eyler. (photo by Lauren Thomas)

Matt Eyler. (photo by Lauren Thomas)

The Rotary Club in New Paltz now has a new leader — one Matt Eyler. In June, the local Rotarians installed their new leadership team. Already Eyler wants to bring a boost to the club — getting the word out about what club members do locally and trying to recruit new blood into the organization.

He’s a father, a devoted husband, a real estate broker and marketing writer, who works from home. Eyler is quick with a joke and plenty easy to talk to — but he’s also shied away from taking too much of the spotlight on himself.

“It’s an incredibly great organization,” he said. “I think we do a lot of really good stuff in the community.”


In New Paltz, Rotary Club members work to gather $6,000 each year, giving it to needy families during the holidays. They sponsor $9,000 in scholarships to local students. They set up the foreign exchange students and help American high schoolers study abroad. They bring “Photos with Santa” to P&G’s Restaurant. They helped start the “Touch a Truck” event at the Ulster County fairgrounds — an event that brings kids in contact with service vehicles from a slew of industries.

Globally, Rotary Club has a focus on fighting polio worldwide and bringing clean water and sanitary conditions to the Third World. They also want to further international brotherhood and foster understanding between cultures.

Eyler wants New Paltz Rotary Club to branch out and do more for the community.

“For example, we are trying to launch a program that gives new winter coats to all children who need them in the area. I’ve been in touch with Kathy [Cartagena] at Family of New Paltz, and they are going to help us with the logistics,” he said. “There are 150 kids in need of new coats in our community this winter.”

He’d also like to increase the roughly 30 members in the New Paltz club to expand the ranks. To get involved or learn how to join, call 417-8300.


My primary job involves the selling of skyscrapers in New York City. I research and write the offering books that help investors decide if they want to acquire a particular property. I also operate a local real estate company that helps people find homes and investment properties in the area. I’m able to do both of those jobs primarily from home, which lets me spend time with my wife and kids and also gives me the flexibility to serve in Rotary.


Where are you from originally?
I’ve lived all over the place. Born in California, moved to Oregon, then Denver, then went to high school outside of Chicago. I went to college in Rhode Island and then lived in New York City for 10 years before moving up here. We’ve been in New Paltz for about ten years and this is the first place I’ve ever really put down roots. It’s been nice.


What do you like about New Paltz?
Everything — the land, the weather, the village, the crazy characters you meet. I can’t think of a better place to live and raise a family.