What’s in my overnight bag?

ON bag I have eight essential supplies when our family goes on an overnight visit to see family and friends.

1. You have already read about my excitement about Wright Naturals Bug Stuff, a locally made natural bug repellant that really works! When I had deer flies buzzing around my head in New Hampshire recently, I applied the Bug Stuff and it was like turning on a switch. My head immediately went from being surrounded to absolute peace. You can buy it locally or visit the website at www.wrightnaturals.com.

2. I also shared with you previously about my O’Tom/Tick Twister. I discovered it in the Wild Earth nature program’s first aid kit when I was unable to get a grip on the tiny tick I found on my son during our overnight. The smaller O’Tom/Tick Twister removed it quickly and effortlessly, I couldn’t believe it! I ordered it as soon as we got home. The set comes with two sizes in each package. I keep one set in my car and one in my home first aid kit so I don’t have to remember to pack it, it’s always with me. For more information, visit www.otom.com.


3. I had heard that jewelweed is a good antidote for poison ivy, so when my arms got torn up from these toxic leaves last year, I ordered some Jewelweed Salve from Vicki Harkness at Perry Hill Farm in Millbrook. This stuff feels magical and is so healing. I use it all the time and I still have the same container. How is that possible? You can order salves or soaps and more with Harkness at the farmers’ markets in Amenia, Millerton, Rhinebeck, and Hudson Valley Hospital Center or online at www.perryhillfarm.com.