Bringing the outdoors in

Photo by Luis Perez

Photo by Luis Perez

“I am two with nature.”

-Woody Allen


Whether you’re nervous about embarking on a full-on garden, or you can’t get enough and just have to bring the outdoors in, here are some ideas for honoring nature inside your home.


My kids love pruners. They love to clip flowers and leaves for a table display or to arrange in a vase, especially if we’re having visitors.

Herb pots

Amie Baracks shared this insight: “I have found that so many people are afraid to initiate gardening exploration with their children because they are not confident in their own abilities to grow plants. However, it’s not about the end result. Kids don’t care if they have the most ‘perfect’ garden. My advice for parents (especially non-gardeners) is to start small….For example, a simple project would be to plant various herbs in pots and keep them on your window sill.”


Nature shelf

One treat our family has learned from the Waldorf tradition is creating a nature shelf. Our shelf is on the wall in the kitchen, and whenever the kids find a treasure outside from nature, they add it to the collection. In the past we have also used part of a table, or used an entire small table for displaying these special gifts.


Eric Cline of Hudson Valley Terrariums creates amazing custom terrariums and vivariums for clients. He suggests, “A cheap indoor terrarium could be made out a large mason jar, rocks for drainage, dirt, plant, moss. Put in a sunny spot in your home and watch it grow.”