New surveillance camera in village

The camera at the corner of Main and Partition streets. (photo by Robert Ford)

The camera at the corner of Main and Partition streets. (photo by Robert Ford)

When police installed the first surveillance camera at the corner of Main and Partition streets last year, some residents weren’t happy about the idea of police recording innocent people going about their lives in a public space. But since then, with numerous crimes foiled, and a second camera recently installed at the corner of Market St., nobody seems to be complaining anymore.

For Harry Barot, owner of the Speedy Mart convenience store at Main and Market streets, having a police surveillance camera across the street “is a good thing.”


Installed less than a month ago, the second surveillance camera has been credited with helping police identify three individuals who allegedly vandalized some hanging flower baskets and tossed garbage cans into the street.

“Anything that helps the police to stop this type of crime helps the community,” said Barot. He said his store’s video system has helped him catch a number of shoplifters, and he believes the police’s new camera will do the same for crimes committed out on the street.

The camera cost $8,000, according to Mayor William Murphy.

“They have already helped solve four vandalism crimes, in which full restitution was made for damages,” Murphy said. “And the cost for the cameras are not being borne by the taxpayers. They were paid for with parking fine fees collected by our court system. I had no intention of ever using taxpayer money to pay for them, I wanted them to pay for themselves.”

Police and village officials are hoping to install a third camera near Russell St. to cover the lower end of Partition St.