Fundraiser for Sinsapaugh family

Tasha Sinsapaugh

Tasha Sinsapaugh

When Saugerties resident Tasha Sinsapaugh died suddenly the morning of Thursday, May 30, her friends and family were in shock. Brother Joshua Sinsapaugh said, “No one expects to bury their 29-year-old family member.”

The Saugerties High School graduate was employed as the assistant manager of Hot Topic in the Hudson Valley Mall. Tasha’s mother, Michelle Sinsapaugh, said of Tasha “She was a hard worker and would go out of her way to help anyone she could. She was a good person-that’s why everyone loved her.”

In 2010, after Tasha gave birth to her son, Jonathan, she suffered from Postpartum Cardiomyopathy. She needed a new heart. Thanks to the generous donations of individuals, via a charitable giving website, the family was able to help defray some of the associated medical and travel costs of her transplant surgery.


After Tasha’s passing, a new fund-raising account on was set up by Michelle Sinsapaugh’s coworker, in hopes the community would again reach out to this family in crisis. All proceeds donated through the site go directly to Tasha’s parents, Daniel and Michelle Titus Sinsapaugh.  Donations can also be mailed to 454 Old Rte 32, Saugerties.