March against Monsanto in New Paltz

Nearly 400 people took to the streets of New Paltz last Saturday to protest the genetic modification of our food supply.

Nearly 400 people took to the streets of New Paltz last Saturday to protest the genetic modification of our food supply.

On Saturday, May 25 nearly 400 people who are passionate about safe food and protecting sustainable, family farms, took to Main Street in New Paltz to protest the genetic modification of our food supply, which they say causes harm to human health and to the environment. It was part of “March against Monsanto” — a global day of action that involved hundreds of thousands and that took place in more than 400 cities in 50 countries. Monsanto owns 90% of patented genetically modified seeds and has a history of suing farmers for patent infringement when genetically modified seeds from other farms contaminate the farmer’s non-genetically modified crops. In genetic modification, the genes from one species, often a bacteria or a virus, are artificially forced into the DNA of an unrelated species creating new life forms never before seen in nature.

“We deserve to know what we are eating and feeding our families. We need GMOs (genetically modified organisms} labeled,” said Lina Gingold, who was there with her husband and two daughters.


During Saturday’s march, Dutchess County Legislator Joel Tyner encouraged everyone to contact their New York State elected representatives to co-sponsor legislation that would require food with genetically modified ingredients to be labeled.

After the rally, the crowd — some dressed as bees or giant genetically modified corn — overflowed onto Main Street carrying signs denouncing Monsanto and demanding the labeling, or banning of genetically modified organisms.

“We need all on board to fight back against genetic modification, which is irreversible,” said New Paltz resident Beth Dulay, who initiated the march. “We are just beginning to fight back to protect our children and future generations.”

For additional information, visit or call 877-255-9417.

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  1. Barbara Upton

    The tide is turning on the public’s awareness and outrage at the poisoning of our food system and the environment by GMOs and for our right to know what we are eating! Thanks to all who took part in this historic day. Go to Hudson Valley for No GMOs to stay or get involved. All are needed!

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