A look inside the Dragon Inn

The shuttered 19th century mansion on 9W in Saugerties has been the object of debate since it nearly burned down in the early 1990s. Should it be demolished as an eyesore or remain standing, waiting for the ideal investor?

Although, like any vacant property, it has served as a shelter for its share of vagrants and teenagers, most only see the building from their cars. We recently took a look inside.

The mansion is called Clovelea, its original name, by local history buffs, and the Dragon Inn by most others, its name at the time of the fire, when it was a popular Chinese restaurant. There are still signs of the fire, and in some parts the floor is unsafe to walk upon, while others show a solid frame, not unlike what you’d see around the halfway mark of a season of This Old House.


Don Snyder, former owner Ching Ya Wu’s representative, showed us around

(Photo by Robert Ford)

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  1. Phyllis

    Maybe invite This Old House or someone from the Home network to take it on as a project. But then what? A community center? A really great Chinese restaurant. A B&B? Is it worth saving? What are the parameters to decide that? Why didn’t the last person who purchased it get clearance to renovate?

  2. Chester Hartwell

    Good question Phyllis.
    I wonder what guidance the village provides.
    The clean-up lacked a village ‘Demolition Permit’ or so I read.
    Funny, the bottom photo is a current photo and none are dated….poor practice.
    The structure is sound but needs someone with vision and…..
    The views are fabulous.

  3. Howard Post

    The structure is not as sound as you might think Chester. I was through the entire building about 4 years ago, and, unless it has had a lot of structural work done, is in poor shape.

    1. Chester Hartwell

      Howard-I am no structural engineer but the foundation, and walls are sound. The roof is intact except above the kitchen where the fire started. Some floor joists were sistered. Compared to it’s carriage house that was rebuilt after HALF of the structure had fallen down….the Clovelea is in fine shape!

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