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Barbara Wood with Ryder. (photo by Lauren Thomas)

Barbara Wood with Ryder. (photo by Lauren Thomas)

Barbara Wood, a lifelong dog-lover, jumped at the opportunity to put her passion and skills to work when Planet Pet Grooming on Main Street in Rosendale became available for sale.

Although she took ownership of the business in late 2012, Wood had already “fallen in love” with the business and its former owners when she came on board to work part-time as a groomer/stylist.

“The shop itself was designed perfectly by its former owners to provide a cheery environment for customers, a pleasant atmosphere for the groomer…and a safe, controlled and easy-to-keep-clean-and-healthy grooming environment for the dogs,” she said. “People who come into this shop with their pets truly love their dogs, and I love coming to work each day.”


Wood grew up with collies and went on to work part-time in junior high school for a local veterinarian, then on to working for an instructor from the New York School of Dog Grooming in high school, to owning and operating her own dog-grooming business out of her home.

“I had the unique blessing of being quietly coached by some retiring longtime show Old English sheepdog breeders, and some of the top show handlers at the time, on grooming and handling secrets of sheepdogs and many other breeds. When other teens were reading fan magazines, I was engrossed in dog show magazines, dreaming to become a professional show-dog handler and groomer.” So taking ownership of Planet Pet, to her, was “like pulling my lifelong love and care of dogs full-circle.”

Asked what makes Planet Pet unique, she said, “Here, dogs and their owners enter a cheerful, safe and personalized setting. Unlike other grooming shops, appointments are staggered, so there is no crowd at the door or in the shop, or extremely long waits in cages with hectic activity all around, which can be traumatic to many dogs. I stagger appointments to allow for semi-private dog-grooming experiences, and talk constantly to the dogs I am working with, to make each a happy, loving grooming experience. I truly love dogs and love working with them…and, like children, they know and pick up on that.”

With her now 30 years of experience caring for, raising, breeding and grooming dogs, Wood requires proof of rabies and distemper inoculations for each dog that enters her shop, “for the safety of all.”

Wood is this week’s New Paltz Times subject for our “Meet and Greet.”

Planet Pet Grooming, 425 Main Street, Rosendale, (845) 658-3787.

Owner, pet and show dog groomer/stylist, international dog and scenic artist, with over 30 years’ experience in each.

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