Turn up the volumes

Get Real Books

Get Real Books in Accord is the newer independent used bookstore on the block, having been founded just shy of three years ago by Andrew Curtis and Judy Dorman. Currently open for operation in the afternoons, Thursdays through Sundays, the well-stocked brick-and-mortar storefront maintains a special focus on fantasy and science fiction titles. Curtis claims ownership of 17,000 books in the genres; clearly, Get Real is the place to visit to get your fantasy/sci-fi groove on.

Actually, the bright, airy space is filled with thousands of books on all subjects and genres. Plus, Curtis – who had a store in Queens previously – offers a huge selection of comics and graphic novels, all in excellent condition, with many wrapped.

Nothing in the store is priced above $10, which can be dangerous for anyone who can’t resist, say, scooping up all the Sam Shepard plays in one visit. Curtis and Dorman also offer an even broader selection of titles online.


A free books project puts boxes of books in localities where people can help themselves to titles that are either redundant or suffering mildly from use. So far, four retails establishments distribute free books from Get Real. Check the website for information about this program.

Get Real Books will be celebrating World Book Night on April 23 by distributing a prescribed selection of new books to people who do not have ready access to reading material. It’s an annual worldwide event that was generated in the United Kingdom, to spread the love of reading person-to-person. World Book Night organizes the acquisition of 30 titles directly from the publishers who, along with the authors, agree to discounted profits. Specific libraries and bookstores are chosen to host the distribution to “givers,” who literally put the books into the hands of people who do not typically buy books.

This year, Get Real is proud to host the event and distribute boxes of new books. To learn more about World Book Night, see www.us.worldbooknight.org.

Get Real Books, 4627 Route 209, Accord; https://getrealbooks.com.