Turn up the volumes

Merritt Bookstore

Merritt Bookstore in Millbrook, founded in the 1980s by Scott and Alison Meyer, has often partnered with the Cary Institute for Ecosystem Studies, Shakespearean children’s troupes, Girl Scouts, sports teams and drama and musical groups as well to further various educational causes. The Meyers have also helped to produce the Millbrook Literary Festival for five years running, and regularly host the work of local artists in their upstairs gallery.

Merritt Bookstore, 57 Front Street, Millbrook; (845) 677-5857, https://merrittbooks.com.

The Reader’s Quarry and Woodland Valley Books

Why own and operate one used bookstore when two will do just as nicely? Dan Sofaer established Woodland Valley Books in the space above Phoenicia’s Ice Cream Station, where talks and poetry readings augment the foot traffic. Then he bought the Reader’s Quarry in Woodstock from former owner Anne Benson, who, he has said, had a penchant for accumulating a broad choice of titles. One old (the Readers’ Quarry has been around since 1974) and one so new that many folks in town don’t realize it’s there means that avid book people have twice the chance of finding that obscure novel or philosophy tome that disappeared from their own shelf years ago, or hitting pay dirt with a favorite author’s out-of-print works, or discovering something entirely unexpected – like the time Sofaer found a historically noteworthy letter in a copy of a rare book that he’d acquired.

The Reader’s Quarry, 97 Tinker Street, Woodstock; (845) 679-5227, https://thereadersquarry.com.


Woodland Valley Books, 74 Main Street, Phoenicia; (845) 688-0011.