Personally speaking – Amy Laber

Gardiner Children's Librarian Amy Laber (on far left). (photo by Lauren Thomas)

Gardiner Children’s Librarian Amy Laber (on far left). (photo by Lauren Thomas)

Gardiner resident, book-lover, yoga instructor, musician and early childhood music teacher Amy Laber has been hired as the new children’s librarian at the Gardiner Library. Having been a longtime cardholder of the library, as well as having taught yoga and music classes there, Laber was familiar to the patrons and staff, and she said that her background in psychology and music therapy — particularly her experience teaching early childhood music for more than ten years — “played a big part in my being chosen for the position, since leading storytimes are an essential part of the job.”

Thus far, Laber says that she “loves” her new post, and that the staff and volunteers “are wonderful people to work with. It’s a physically beautiful space to work in, and I love the feeling of connection to the community and serving patrons. Learning about children’s literature is incredibly enjoying to me.” She adds that the best part of her job is leading the storytimes and interacting with the children.



A little background on your relationship to books/libraries?

I’ve always loved reading. I love being a student, and I also love sharing knowledge with others. I believe that public libraries are a precious and essential resource in our society. Discovering the interlibrary loan system really changed my life. It makes the whole world seem accessible.


Where are you from originally?

Ridgefield, Connecticut.


What makes Gardiner unique?

Skydivers! I’m too chicken to jump from a plane myself, but I love to see the rainbow of parachutes falling in the sky on a beautiful day.


What do you like about this community?

I like that Gardiner is a small community, and so close to New Paltz that we are inextricably connected to a larger, active town. We are also far enough away from it to have our own vibe and be separated from the debaucheries of college life to enjoy quiet tranquility. We have the best of both worlds here, in my opinion!


What is your favorite hangout?

My favorite hangout is my screened-in porch. When you sit down, it feels like you’re in a treehouse. It’s a great place to play the banjo, and my cat loves it too.


Tell us something we never would have guessed about you.

I met the famous Dr. Henry Lee when I studied forensics in college.


What keeps you here?

The natural beauty of the mountains, woods, rivers and open space is very grounding to me. I love to travel and visit other places, but I always feel energetically charged by my surroundings when I come home.