LETTER: Fight casinos in New York

dice SQIt’s time for action. This is an invitation to become involved in an effort to stop the spread of casinos in NY State. The second vote by the Legislature on a constitutional amendment will be scheduled soon. Members representing no saugerties casino went to a Lobbying Day in Albany, as part of the Coalition Against Gambling in New York. We made a plea for a public hearing before a second vote by the legislature. The response to our plea about the harm of casino gambling received a sympathetic ear. However, if we cannot thwart a second vote, we will be facing a referendum in November to amend the constitution.

Unless you want casinos to spread in our part of the state, we have to mobilize our energy and finances to join the statewide effort to stop it from happening. As you know, the Winston Farm is an attractive site for such a casino. If we do nothing, spread of gambling is inevitable. Is that what you want? Are you willing to enter the fray?

We must get to work immediately to organize, lobby and fund-raise. Please come on Thursday, March 7 at 7 p.m. to Atonement Lutheran Church (100 Market Street, Saugerties) so that we can once again form into the working groups necessary to combat this imminent, very serious threat. Please visit our website https://nosaugertiescasino.com/ for more information.


Lanny Walter, Naomi Rothberg, Susan Puretz, Arnie Lieber, Mark Knaust
NSC Executive Committee

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  1. Mike

    I think to try to stop casinos in NY is bad for everyone. As a frequent visitor to casinos I find myself traveling to Connecticut or Pennsylvania to gamble. Casinos create jobs and will provide a great source of revenue for the state.

  2. Derek

    It’s totally easy to see how the whole area of Eastern Connecticut has been turned into towns full of crime and depravity by gambling at Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun. I mean they’re totally known for … wait… having pretty low crime rates and quiet streets.

    Waitaminute, I thought casinos only brought pain and suffering.

  3. Calogero

    We already have more slot machines then Atlantic City, we are already gambling it’s called lotto, we give money to New Jersey, Connecticut, Canada, Indians. It’s about time the money stay’s in our state of New York I’m tired of hearing other States doing this and that and we are left behind alway’s, tired of the high taxes, tired of the loss of jobs. Lets bring Casino’s in New York, also online gambling say yes, legalize marijuana see how much we are going to save on arrests alone of posession. Listen to your regular citizens down to earth and get off the horse you politicians.

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