LETTER: Dangerous paranoia

george heidcamp faceDuring my tenure on the School Board, Jennifer Mangione has become a rival of mine. At some point I probably failed to vote the way she wanted on an issue. As a result, when I ran three years ago, she criticized me at every opportunity, and even wrote letters against me. When the election was over and the results were announced, she was reportedly observed to jump up out of her chair and loudly proclaim her unhappiness when it was declared that I had been re-elected. She then stormed out of the room, babbling about how she couldn’t believe it.

Three years have passed since then. It’s election time again and Jen Mangione is beginning to act like just another chicken in the barnyard…peck, peck, peck. Alas, her silly comments offer nothing substantive and instead make her look foolish. For instance:

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Accusing me of shopping with an empty cart: This smacks of paranoia, dangerous paranoia. Maybe I looked around for a full cart when I entered the store but there weren’t any available, so I had to start with an empty one (chuckle, chuckle). She should feel downright silly and embarrassed to make such an asinine claim.


Accusing me of videotaping her: So, Ms. Mangione automatically “assumed” she was the target of the videotape. Apparently it never occurred to her that she just happened to walk into view of a fixed camera. A bit egotistical, if you ask me.

Accusing me of mistreating, yelling and belittling people at the board meetings: Mangione should provide some specifics here, something to back up her accusations. She should remember that all these board meetings are either audio or videotaped, and they are available for evidence.

George D Heidcamp Sr.


George Heidcamp is president of the Saugerties Board of Education


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