U.S. Rep. Chris Gibson’s statement on ‘fiscal cliff’ vote

Chris Gibson. (Photo by Dan Barton)

Chris Gibson. (Photo by Dan Barton)

The following is a statement issued by U.S. Rep. Chris Gibson after his yes vote for legislation which averted the so-called “fiscal cliff” —

Washington, DC – Congressman Chris Gibson (NY-20) released the following statement regarding his vote on the Senate Amendment to H.R. 8.  The House passed the legislation this evening.

“Early Tuesday morning, the Senate passed legislation by an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 89-8 that will make permanent the lower tax rates of the Bush era. I support this bill and voted ‘yes’ as it provides much needed tax relief for over 99% of my constituents.  Making these tax cuts permanent was one of my major goals when I first ran for Congress – this will help small businesses grow and working families keep more of their hard-earned money.


“Growing up in a working class family, I know firsthand the value of every dollar when you’re trying to make ends meet.  I’m relieved that nearly all of my constituents will be protected from tax increases.  Unfortunately, we did not get the major agreement necessary to stabilize the deficit.  We need to pick up the pace to achieve necessary long-term deficit reduction or we will decline as an economic power and take with it the hopes and dreams of future generations.

“In my view, the Cooper-LaTourette Budget, inspired by the President’s Deficit Reduction Commission (“Simpson-Bowles”), provides the framework to begin the negotiations.  The Cooper-LaTourette proposal reduces the deficit by $4 Trillion through comprehensive pro-growth tax reform, structural changes, and spending reductions both parties can support.  As we move forward, we don’t need a new study, new commission, or new Joint Select Committee to get things started – we should utilize the Simpson-Bowles report, modified by Cooper-LaTourette to attract more bipartisan support, to forge the major agreement necessary.

“Our Constitutional design requires consensus to affect political change. In an era of divided government, if we do not work together we will keep the status quo.  In my view, that is completely unacceptable. We now have about two months to reach a major agreement to stabilize our deficit.  We have three opportunities to do so – addressing the sequester, the FY2013 Budget, and the debt ceiling.  Our country and future generations are counting on us to get this done and 2013 must be the year.”

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  1. nopolitics

    The best plan bar none going today for permanent deficit reduction, which Congressman Gibson should support, is Communism. He would be more inclined to make a Nixon-Era “Checkers” speech and talk about his wife’s fine coat made in America and rail against the dirty rotten Communists in other countries(if he and— the tea partiers— can FIND them– lol). Maybe we should quote Richard Cahill and Ronald Reagan, if not find a “20-Mule Team Borax” commercial somewhere. Hahaha. My God–inching toward Socialism in Healthcare just to get some sanity there–ok, come on in and take us over, Chairman Kruschev, just call me JFK. What? His name is Putin? Hell–he’s no threat–I pursuaded him to deal with Ukraine on natural gas in 2005. The rest of you in politics are IDIOTS compared to that achievement–but keep on thinking I only use the internet for telling the truth about the local yokel trivials in politics–hah!!

  2. David VanDerwerken

    Do you forget who put you where you are? What happened to no new taxes? Just because gutless Majority Leader? is afraid to stand up and fight for what is right I had hoped you would. I guess I was wrong I hope you enjoy your last term in congress!

  3. Dr. Paul Jankiewicz

    Those Congressmen who believe in bi-partisan governing and praise those Republicans who fought against raising taxes, if this is an indication of your evaluation of a President, who keeps reminding Congress that it is his way or “Revenge,” and a Senate leader who refuses to let any legislation he disagrees with be open to a full Senate vote, and who has criminally not produced a budget In four years, then your constituents need to question your intelligence or character. You lie when you say the Middle Class now will not have their taxes raised, and you argue for more taxes on the “rich,” yet you refuse to reform the tax codes which protect the very rich by allowing them to hide their wealth through tax code exemptions. When the Huffington Post remarks that the big winners in your vote were the gamblers [Wall Street] and greed merchants [Corporations], the public is presented with your betrayal of those who voted for you as a defender of fiscal responsibility. I hope you have the grace not to run again in order to avoid a vicious and costly primary in 2014.

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