Hugh Reynolds

hugh reynolds --- square’Tis days before Christmas, so here goes the list. Remember, readers, it can’t be all-inclusive. For those bent — or relieved — about being left out, there’s always next year.

And now, for the naughty and nice:

For Elliott Auerbach: Two and a half men.

For Bill Darwak: Senior rates for Kingston Times

For Julian Schreibman: The lead in next year’s Nutcracker.

For Chris Gibson: Moderate means.

For Stephanie Valle: Compliant newsies.

For Maurice Hinchey: Six figures with an environmental lobby.

For Charlie Landi: Host communities.

For Charlie Shaw: The last laugh.

For Terry Bernardo: Manuela’s Manual for Good Government.

For March Gallagher: Office space.

For Don Williams: Mercy.

For Dan Barton: Earplugs.

For Ira Fusfeld: Happy trails.

For John Hoyt: Livin’ the dream in uptown Kingston

For Barbara Rimai: A visit from SuperDan

For Larry Watson: The cover of Golf Magazine.

For Joyce Hoffman: Silver sneakers

For Helen, Andy and the Dietz Stadium Diner staff: Discount chili.

For Ron Woods: Another city park

For Susan Zimet: Toni’s tome on town finance.

For Jesse Smith: Big tippers.

For Deb Brown: No more stop signs!

For Janet Regan: Nothing bad.

For J.J. Hanson: Artful dancing.

For Sue Rodgers: Ripe bananas.

For Frank Cardinale: One more legislator.

For Roger Rascoe: Gas money to Kingston.

For Betty Jackson: Love letters from the IRS.

For Bruce Ackerman: Mt. Rushmore subjects.

For Sophia Reuner: Another 10,000 miles on the old Buick.


For Art Snyder: Fewer disasters.

For Earl Pardini: Fifteen miles of restored track.

For Kathy Mihm: Front-row season tickets at UPAC.

For Nicki Woerner: A rematch with Quigley.

For Jim Quigley: A rematch with…?

For Jeremy Blaber: A gig on the NASCA circuit.

For Mike Kavanagh: Cruisin’ in his Solara ragtop.

For Poppa John Parete: Unholy alliances.

For Joe Lalima: Shaggy heads.

For Hector Rodriguez: Humility.

For Dr. Bill VanKleeck: Visits from old friends.

For Jim Maloney: Clever conspiracies.

For Steve Aaron: A square deal.

For Amos MacCreery: Tall tales around the coal stove.

For Bea Havranek: Reruns of “Boss.”

For Kristy Bishop: Lots more Kristy Kids.

For Phyllis McCabe: Things that glitter.

For Bob Aiello: Relevant brevity.

For Carl Belfiglio: An audition for The Newlywed Game.

For Mike Stock: Ditto.

For Fawn Tantillo: A high-speed camera.

For Kevin Roberts: A clean bill of health.

For Doug Thompson: A Dare Thompson clone.

For Rich Gerentine: A fiscal watchdog.

For Rob Parete: The diaper lottery.

For Pat Doxsey: Root canal from “Dr. Drillright,” poli-dentist Mario Catalano.

For Vito Lopez (sometimes called Pete): A summer-camp membership in southern Ulster.

For Craig Lopez: A balance between philosophy and principle.

For Wayne Harris: A seat on the Naples, Fla. town board.

For Judi Auerbach: Baby Charlotte’s first word.

For the White Eagle gang: Sold-out Polish dinners once a week.