BREAKING: Amedore says he’s won state Senate seat by 39 votes

George Amedore. (Photo by Dan Barton)

George Amedore. (Photo by Dan Barton)

Assemblyman George Amedore, R-Rotterdam, has issued a press release claiming that at the conclusion of vote-counting in the 46th State Senate District, he has defeated Democratic challenger Cecilia Tkaczyk of Duanesburg by 39 votes. Here’s his statement:


“I want to thank the great people of this 5-county district that have placed their faith and trust in my candidacy. It has been a lengthy campaign, but I am ready to end this political process and I stand committed to working in a bi-partisan effort to meet the difficult challenges that face all New Yorkers. Let’s transition from politics to governing as the people deserve nothing less. We have much to do and I look forward to serving on behalf of all New Yorkers. In just a few weeks, we will begin the process of addressing the concerns and needs of all New Yorkers to make this great state better and safer for our children and our families. “

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  1. Premature Declaration George

    bit premature if you ask me. There are still 450 ballots being contested in the courts. Mostly challenged by Amedore. The Republican Judge who first ruled, will be overturned. 53 Democratic Poll workers from Ulster County are included who they said voted too early. Victory, not so fast George.

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