New businesses open up shop

(Photos by Robert Ford)

Darlene Carey-Wasser, and her daughter, Amber, (top-left) have been renovating their new business, House of New Beginnings at 249 Partition Street, between Brine Barrel Pickles and Kiss My Feet Spa, for about seven years.

Carey-Wasser was born and raised in Saugerties, but over the course of her life has moved around quite a bit. Seven years ago, she moved back to the village and purchased the building on Partition St.

Her 12-year-old daughter, Amber, attends Saugerties Middle School. Darlene didn’t want her daughter to be a latch-key kid.


“The easiest way to solve that was to open my own business here, so now she can come home after school and do her homework and we can be together,” Carey-Wasser said.

New Beginnings is “a spirituality shop,” she explained, with many new-age gifts of a metaphysical bent.

The shop will present monthly workshops. An upcoming one in February promises to teach folks that may have had rocky romances “How to Mend a Broken Heart.” Carey-Wasser’s sister, Jennifer Carey, is a Reiki Master and will be offering workshops as well.

Sitting in the shop’s main room, Carey-Wasser looks about with pride. “This was a handyman’s special when I purchased it.” After extensive renovations, she and her daughter now live upstairs and in back, though the long-term plan is to expand the shop into the rest of the building and live “in the country.”

The name comes from her experience, which includes divorce and the death of family, including her father.

“It’s a new beginning for me and my daughter, and I want it to be a place of new beginnings for others as well,” she said.

House of New Beginnings is open Wednesday through Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Big Wheel Skateboard Shop on Market St.

For the blended family of Kathy and Keith Hughes (top-right), opening the Big Wheel Skateboard Shop at 12 Market Street is “coming home.”

Keith, who came into the marriage with Kathy with a few kids, and Kathy, who had a few of her own, describe their crew as the Brady Bunch.

Keith grew up in the Glasco section of Saugerties, and is now the assistant chief of the Glasco Fire Company.

When he and Kathy met and married several years ago, they knew that they wanted to open a shop for Kathy. Keith already has a successful business in Saugerties, Expert Tree Service, which recently received kudos from the village mayor and trustees for using its bucket trucks to help the village fire department put up the lights along Main and Partition streets.

About a year and a half ago, the couple opened the Big Wheel Bike Shop in Lake Katrine, “but we’re from Saugerties and wanted a shop here,” they said. So the shop in Lake Katrine will soon be closed and all of their operations moved to Saugerties.

“We knew we wanted to be in town,” Kathy said, “so as soon as the storefront went up for rent – it was the psychic shop, which only opened a few months ago but quickly went out of business – we rented it the same day.”

One of the things that won’t be found in their new shop is bicycles. Kathy explained that there is already a bike shop in the village [Revolution Bicycles on Main St.] and the couple does not want to compete with it. “They have an established business here, so we will do everything skateboards and scooters. We carry shoes, clothing, accessories, anything that has to do with skateboards and boarding you will find here.”

The store carries merchandise based mainly on the recommendations of 11-year-old son, Kody, and the kids that make use of the Saugerties Skate Park. “We’re always over there with our son, and talked to the kids about what they wanted to see in a skateboard store,” the couple said.

Kathy and Keith have also talked about turning the backroom of the shop into a place where kids can come hang out when they are not at the skate park. “We’re going to get an Xbox for the room for the kids,” they said.

“When the kids are at the skate park or here at the shop they are not out getting into trouble,” Kathy said.“We want to open up lots of opportunities for the kids.”

The Big Wheel Skateboard Shop is open noon until 6 p.m., Monday through Sunday for the holiday season.