New Paltz schools closed Monday

(file photo by Mookie Forcella)

Students will not have classes Monday, Oct. 29 in any of New Paltz’s four public school buildings. New Paltz Central School District officials sent out word late tonight that they’d pre-emptively canceled classes in expectation of damage and flooding from Hurricane Sandy.

They’re not alone: CNN is reporting that Sandy has already prompted canceled classes for 2.1 million children in the Northeast. Regionally, the storm is being taken very seriously — New York City has already started an evacuation of low-lying areas that will displace at least 375,000 people. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has predicted that the storm will inflict as much as $3 billion in property damamge.

It’s likely that nearby Highland Central School District will also move to cancel classes, however there has been no word from them yet. Neither of the districts have yet canceled classes for Tuesday or Wednesday.


County Executive Michael Hein declared a state of emergency for all of Ulster earlier this evening, following on the heels of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s emergency declaration for the state on Friday.

If you’re reading this and still have access to power and Internet, head to for more details about how the storm will impact Ulster County specifically.