Letters: 10/11-10/18

Standing with the supervisor

I am writing to express my support of Kelly Myers, in regard to the issue of The Birches.

The Saugerties Times coverage of this subject in its last issue was negative and partisan. The board’s decision to forgive the Birches back taxes is appalling.

It is a slap in the face of citizens who pay their property taxes…especially those on fixed incomes. (These incomes are often below the amount designated for access to “affordable housing.”)


Does the Town Board seriously believe that a budget requiring a [costly] vote would be approved by the citizens of Saugerties?

Norma Zotos


Filak: technical expertise and people skills

I’m writing this letter in support of Suzi Filak for receiver of taxes. Suzi is uniquely qualified for the position, having been groomed for the last six years by Peggy Nau to take over the tax office. She has learned not only the technical aspects of the job, but also possesses the “people skills” that are critical to the position. I can also attest to Suzi’s commitment to volunteer service. I’ve known Suzi for many years, and I can tell you that I know of no one who cares more about their community than Suzi. She has spent countless hours over the past decade volunteering as a coach, manager, and mentor with Saugerties Little League. She has taken the time to not only teach the fundamentals of softball to our youth, she also takes the time to teach the important values of sportsmanship, teamwork, and fair play. Suzi truly is a shining example of volunteerism in our community. The best candidate for receiver of taxes is the one currently in office. On Election Day, vote for the incumbent- Suzi Filak.

Randy Ricks


DeForest will act in town’s interest

As the Town Board has appointed a relative of one of the board members to fill the vacant position of receiver of taxes, clearly they are not acting in the best interest of our town, just making another backroom deal to support their own self-serving interests. Makes you wonder why we gave huge tax breaks to a business that didn’t pay its taxes for five years. Oh wait, another Town Board member was previously employed by the person we gave the tax break to. You have got to be joking; this disregard for any ethical behavior is beyond description. It is now time to show these people we elect that they work for us, in our best interest, not their own. My support goes to Cheryl DeForest, she has the most education and best business experience to keep our town office of receiver of taxes going for many years in the future. Next year we need new leadership.

Bob Miller


Miller is referencing deputy supervisor James Bruno in the above line about a town board member having formerly been employed by a developer who recently negotiated an amended payment-in-lieu-of-taxes agreement with the town. Bruno writes in response:
As for me having worked for Steve Aaron, that is true. But what you were not told was the fact that I had disclosed this to each board member and I had told our town attorney, John Greco that I was going to recuse myself from voting on anything regarding Mr. Aaron. However, per Mr. Greco, I have not worked for Mr. Aaron for almost three years, and also when asked by John if I had any plans to return to work for him my answer was NO!!! So, John told me that in his legal opinion there was no conflict of interest and that I should vote.
I truly take exception to anyone who challenges my integrity by making statements and innuendos without knowing the facts. Anyone who really knows me, will tell you that I always do what I feel is right for the town. As a matter of fact it was me and another resident, who insisted that Mr. Aaron put a drainage pipe down Rt. 9W, to get rid of the water problem that had previously existed and was made worse by Guardian Self Storage. This cost Mr. Aaron approx $1.5 million dollars vs. the $250,000 that he wanted to spend to fix the problem. It was the right solution for the problem and I didn’t have a problem having Mr. Aaron spend the money.


Filak didn’t miss a beat

I’m writing in support of Suzi Filak for receiver of taxes. I have known Suzi since I started working for the Village of Saugerties Police Department and she was a waitress at Village Pizza back in the ‘80s. She ended up marrying one of my best friends and we have been next door neighbors now for nearly 15 years.

Suzi has worked in the town tax office for six years, being trained by one of the most beloved public officials in the history of the town, Peggy Nau. Peggy had the forethought to find a replacement and mentor her to make sure she left that office in good hands. And that she did. Most people don’t even realize that there has been a changing of the guard because the transition has been so smooth. The majority of school tax collection has come and gone with people coming in to meet their new receiver of taxes, finding the same professional, courteous and compassionate service they have become accustomed to.

Having these facts in mind, I ask you to vote for my friend and neighbor, Suzi Filak, for receiver of taxes on Election Day. She not only brings years of experience to the table, she’s also continued the same tradition of customer service that we enjoyed from Peggy’s administration.

Joseph Laquidara