Letters (Sept. 20-27)

Robin Hood in reverse

Former New York State Governor Mario Cuomo once said something like this. “Words and phrases like ‘Conservative, Liberal, Democrat or Republican’ may be avoidable habits of our expression, but they are not useful as meaningful descriptions of the manner in which our policies must be dealt with.”

For example, the Saugerties Town Board, with the exception of supervisor Kelly Myers, recently granted the owner of the Birches, a sixty-unit senior housing complex in Saugerties, a 50 percent cut in property taxes. The town attorney had advised the board to take the issue to court as it had merit.

Why then just give in to a man who was given a reduction from the start with a PILOT deal that reduced his taxes from the beginning? Federal subsidies were and are involved in projects like this and with all of the bashing of “rich people” and how little they pay in taxes, why would the board go against the very platform of “the rich should pay more?” I ask you, when was the last time a poor person gave you a job?


You and I as well as everyone else in the town will be paying for this where the “have-nots” will be supporting the “haves.” It’s like Robin Hood in reverse.

Robert Aiello
Legislator District 2


Developers take advantage

Regarding the return of a 55-unit senior/affordable housing complex proposed for North St., which is seeking state aid: I think that we’re headed for another situation where we’ll be providing many services and receiving few or no tax dollars to support the project. Saugerties has become a prime target for smart business operators who know how to work the system. And those businesses know that Saugerties’ leaders are too weak, uneducated and fearful to resist or to stand up for those of us who already live here and have invested in this town.

Barton Friedman
via Saugertiesx


We’re in this together

There is a video that surfaced recently of presidential candidate Mitt Romney saying nearly half of this country are “people who pay no income tax” and are “dependent upon government.” Those voters, he said, would probably support President Obama because they believe they are “victims” who are “entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it.”

As a small business owner who doesn’t hide his assets in the Cayman Islands, and pays a higher rate of income tax than Mr. Romney, I will be voting for President Obama. I absolutely support the president’s domestic and foreign policy agendas. Yes, I’m dependent on government. I depend on the military to protect us. I depend on our police to keep our community safe. I depend on public schools to educate our children. I depend on inspectors to ensure that the food we eat and the bridges we cross are safe. I depend on our highway crews to keep our roads plowed and safe. I depend on the federal employees who make sure that there are no bombs on airplanes. I like drinking clean water and breathing clean air. It would not happen without government. We are in this together, and we need a government that works for the common good for all of us, not for the elite rich that are funding Mr. Romney’s presidential campaign.

Gary Bischoff


Join League of Women Voters

The League of Women Voters of Saugerties is presently conducting its fall membership drive. The League will be having a covered dish supper on Wednesday, Sept. 26, 6:30 p. m. at the Frank D. Greco Center on Market Street in Saugerties. After dinner there will be a round-table discussion on the League of Women Voters—who we are, what we do, and what we hope to accomplish during the next year. We will be joined by some members from our sister League, Mid-Hudson Region League, for the discussion.

The League is a nonpartisan political organization which encourages informed and active participation in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

We are inviting all those interested in government, politics and issues in a non-partisan way to come and learn more about us. The Saugerties League has been active at many levels. It has has conducted studies on:

· the consolidation of town and village services There is now one police force for the Town and Village of Saugerties
· alternatives to incarceration
· the feasibility of having an installment option for paying school taxes which has now been instituted
· the death penalty.


The Saugerties League has sponsored informative public informational meetings:

· zoning
· property assessments
· the tax grievance process
· health care and the availability of health insurance in Ulster County
· election law and electronic voting
· the Ulster County Charter
· shared services by local government units
· the redistricting process in Ulster County


The Saugerties League is now:

· promoting the use of the local UCAT S Bus in the town and village
· planning meetings on campaign finance reform and the National Popular Vote
· planning candidates’ forums for the up-coming elections.

For more information, please call 845 336-8303.

The Board of Directors
LWV of Saugerties


Alan’s Italy

It is my pleasure to invite the residents of the Saugerties Lighthouse TV Channel 23 viewing area to enjoy a new show named “Alan’s Italy.” This show has been broadcasted on Woodstock Public Access Television since December 16, 2011, every Friday evening from 5 – 6 p.m. I have written, produced, and hosted so far 34 shows covering a wide range of topics such as the stunning landscapes of Tuscany, the art of Michelangelo, the amazing larger cities such as Rome, Venice, and Florence and smaller ones such as Monetpulciano, Orvieto, and Panzano in Chianti. Several experts in the field of art have assisted me in presenting the great art. During my 20 trips to Italy I have had the privilege of knowing many wonderful people. On WPAT viewers have been encouraged to call in questions and send me e-mails to submit queries about Italy. I have even offered my expert travel planning services free of charge to anyone who contacts me. I offer the same to future Saugerties viewers by emailing me at Alansitaly@gmail.com. My shows appear on Youtube at “Alan’s Italy Channel” and I encourage people who do not have televisions, but do own computers to view the shows as well. In the meantime, please enjoy, and I thank you for your time and interest.

Alan J. Greenhalgh