55-unit housing development back on the table

Kingston-based Premier Development, which received Village of Saugerties Planning Board approvals in 2010 to build a 55-unit senior housing complex on North Street, is once again before the board seeking to have its plans amended to include workforce housing and supportive housing for mentally-disadvantaged people looking to move into a place of their own.

Plans originally called for two one-story buildings, one with 26 single-bedroom units and the other with 19 two-and three-bedroom units.

New site plans submitted to the village show the same two buildings, but while one will remain one-story, the second building will be two-stories and house the two and three bedroom units, which will be for workforce and mentally-disadvantaged residents.


Premier’s new plans show only senior and workforce housing, but Mayor William Murphy has contacted them, and they have agreed to provide a mixture of supportive housing for mentally disadvantaged individuals who are able, with some support, to live on their own.

“We just don’t have enough of that type of housing,” Murphy said of his request.

Village officials said that Premier has decided to amend its site plans because it has been unsuccessful in its attempt (four tries) at getting state aid to build senior housing.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said that he supports intergenerational housing, that allows seniors to continue to live near their younger family members, and Premier is hoping, village officials said, to get funding by including workforce housing [also known as affordable housing], and now supportive housing.

As part of its plans, developers will be working with Rural Ulster Preservation Company (RUPCO), Gateway, and Ulster-Greene ARC.

A public hearing on the proposed change in plans has not been set.

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  1. Bart Friedman

    I think that we’re headed for another situation where we’ll be providing many services and receiving few or no tax dollars to support the project. Saugerties has become a prime target for smart business operators who know how to work the system. And those businesses know that Saugerties’ leaders are too weak, uneducated and fearful to resist or to stand up for those of us who already live here and have invested in this town.

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