Ex-assistant chief files suit against city

“Any training authorized by the city, he did,” said Dunn. “The city made a budget decision that they couldn’t afford that training in that particular year.”

Dunn has filed a lawsuit in state Supreme Court seeking to have the charges dismissed as invalid under state civil service law. The suit also seeks Rea’s reinstatement as assistant chief and back pay to March 2012. Dunn said that the demand for back pay was based on civil service law which sets the maximum period for an unpaid suspension at 30 days. If any of the charges make it past the state Supreme Court review, Dunn said his client is prepared to refute them at a formal disciplinary hearing.

But Gallo said he believes the case against Rea will survive both state Supreme Court and any future disciplinary hearing. According to Gallo, Rea’s handling of his time and attendance constitutes a “continuing fraud” which makes the disciplinary charges exempt from the 18-month limit. Gallo also contends that Rea “abandoned his job” when he failed to appear at City Hall when summoned to discuss the allegations. Gallo, an attorney who once represented city unions, added that Rea’s latest lawsuit contains arguments which directly contradict previous statements contained in the suit he filed seeking a disciplinary hearing.


“The bottom line is, he put his own people in harm’s way,” said Gallo. “To do that, there’s something wrong with you, there really is.”

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  1. nopolitics

    Of course they never address the fact the fire department was used as a vendor for Benedictine Hospital habitually(all “legally”, or so it is proclaimed), which is all according to law, and Mommy Gallo worked for years as a Psych. Nurse on the same units they used habitually to bilk the taxpayers out of however much they want based on the supposed mission of St. Benedict to condescend in much the same way the administrative roles were always modeled by Roman Catholicism to the supposed lowly sick, care of whom “ranks above all else”(say strongly with an authoritative voice everyone). But that would be like holding a mirror up to them all, wouldn’t it now? I suppose one could view this proceeding as something reflective of much the same thing, except of course we could also note the hypocrisy here with respect to allowing the fire department to go on for so many years as it had and then, relatively speaking, “of a sudden” demanding things now change. How convenient now that soon there will be no more Catholic hospital. Coincidence–or case and effect???!!!

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