Opus 40

In an abandoned Saugerties quarry, Opus 40 is an inspiring artistic and sculptural environment. Purchased in 1938 by Harvey Fite, a founder of Bard College’s fine arts department, over a period of 37 years of Fite’s work the old quarry became a monumental and world-acclaimed 6.5-acre bluestone sculpture. Fite purchased an additional 70 acres and built several structures and buildings. Now the site is home to sculptural exhibitions, concerts, lectures and visitor experiences for both adults and children who can walk through, around and over the deepest recesses of Opus 40’s subterranean pathways (16 feet below ground) and up to the nine-ton monolith that is the epicenter and summit of the sculpture (three stories above ground).

Wrapping around trees and springs, Opus 40 is set against the backdrop of Overlook Mountain.

Visitors can also explore the Quarryman’s Museum, hiking trails, and the Opus 40 art gallery and gift gallery. This summer there is a variety of events scheduled including a June-long exhibit by Michael Ciccone of recent sculptures made from wood, steel and stone. Twilight music and dance parties with rock, hip-hop and karaoke are slated for June 15, June 29 and July 13. There are is the all-day country dance and BBQ festival at the sculptural grounds on July 21, complete with a ten-piece western swing band, clogging and swing-dance lessons, tap dance demonstrations and a full-on Southern-style barbecue. For more info on Opus 40 events, hours of operation, directions just go to www.opus40.org.