DOT: More spaces at Thruway park-and-ride

A release from the state Department of Transportation:

“In its ongoing effort to promote commuter ride sharing and help motorists hold down gasoline and commuting costs, the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) is expanding the park-and-ride lot near Kingston, Ulster County and Thruway Exit 19. The expanded lot will be available to motorists on Sunday, August 26.

“‘DOT is committed to helping commuters and all those who value ride sharing to keep their traveling costs down,’ said NYSDOT Commissioner Joan McDonald. ‘By doubling the size of the park-and-ride in the Town of Ulster, NYSDOT is demonstrating our ongoing commitment to sustainable transportation that’s not only good for New Yorkers’ wallets, but good for the environment as well.’

“The park-and-ride lot currently has 40 spaces; demand has exceeded capacity. Forty-four new parking spaces will be added at four different locations within the existing lot, more than doubling the number of available places to park.


“To avoid disrupting commuters during the work week, NYSDOT is scheduled to begin work at 6:30 a.m. this Saturday and continue into the late afternoon. Most of the existing spaces will remain open during construction.

“NYSDOT personnel are performing the expansion work. Recycled milling material will be used, as well as subbase material on hand, which helps the department to contain construction costs. The department expects the total cost of the expansion to be less than $10,000.”