Performance center at Winston Farm is planned

The site of Woodstock ’94 has been the subject of many big plans, including a dump, casino and tech park.

Word leaked out this past week that Michael Lang’s (promoter of Woodstock Festivals 43, 18, and 13 years ago) long-held plans for a performance center at the Winston Farm, site of his 1994 Woodstock Festival reunion in Saugerties, are nearing completion. Or at least at a point where the careful Lang feels comfortable to be talking about them.

“I’ve got meetings today and tomorrow…getting a feel for it all,” Lang said on Tuesday, July 24. “I’m trying to get a little more structure for the idea I’m working on.” He agreed to talk in greater depth later in the week.


Lang’s performance venue, to host concerts proposed by outside promoters with Lang and company serving as site managers, would be smaller than similar facilities at Bethel Woods, which is located at the site of the 1969 festival he put on while still in his 20s, or the Saratoga Performing Arts Center, which has been the region’s biggest summer concert destination for decades now.

“I’m working on getting the parking on site, making sure everything is set before making any formal announcements,” Lang added, noting that the recent news of his plans leaked when Jeremy Schaller, one of the owners of the 850-acre Winston Farm property, went to Saugerties town board members with the ideas being floated, including a possible 50-year anniversary of the original Aquarian Festival to take place in 2019.

“I’ll know, hopefully by week’s end, whether it’s viable to have something up and running by next summer,” Lang added.

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  1. Richard Fusco

    It was the early and I believe first choice for the original Woodstock. Its Michael’s destiny and will be the crown jewel of his legacy to have Winston Farm become a permanent site for creative expression.

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