Letters – July 19-26

Saugerties casino a-coming

The specter of a casino in Saugerties has reared its ugly head again. Right now talk and action about a Saugerties casino are happening below the radar and in back rooms. But have no doubt, it is a-coming.

The first step in allowing it to happen has been taken by our New York State Legislature. They have passed a bill that will allow a change to our constitution to permit seven Las Vegas-style casinos in NY State. That bill needs one more vote, which will happen early next year, and then it goes to us, the people, to decide in a state-wide referendum later in the year.

No Saugerties Casino, your organization that successfully opposed the Oklahoma Seneca Indian reservation casino planned for the Winston Farm seven years ago, is revitalizing itself for the major battle ahead. Join us on August 2. To defend our community, we need to defend the State.


It is summer and you are busy. We wish it were otherwise, but now is the time to meet and organize. See you at The Inquiring Mind Bookstore (Partition and Main Sts.) on Thursday August 2 at 7 p.m. We cannot proceed without your input and involvement. Please attend.

Arnie Lieber


Be wary of sports arena deal

I don’t know Charles Lantz but I thank him for his informative letter to the public about the offered proposal by developer John Barese for a great sports arena for the village of Saugerties.

I resided in Hancock, NY, which is a small village and town for 47 years before moving to this wonderful and beautiful area in 2007. I live in The Mill and quickly enjoyed my move as a widow to be near my daughter Leslie and her family.

Two or three months ago I wrote to supervisor Kelly Myers and Hancock’s supervisor Sam Rowe Jr. because of Mr. Barese’s proposed sports arena. You see, Hancock had a similar lease for their golf course and I think it was for 60 or so years for $1,000 every ten years. About two and a half years ago the town wanted to sell it but the Buckleys (leasers) “claimed it” due to improvements, 1 or 2 small buildings and their house trailer there.

They had a busy restaurant of which she was the cook, and busy golf business. No rent…no taxes…only bliss. After 2 ½ years of expensive legal costs and a concerned and upset community, the Buckleys lost their ferocious battle. They refused to move out in spite of a court order and claimed it was theirs. Finally a metal fence kept them out.

However, before they gave in and moved their house trailer they damaged all the plumbing and trashed the restaurant, club meeting building and a small utility building! They destroyed several trees and created some ruts on the course. What a distressful and expensive mess to contend with in order to sell! It was a course created by a well known man whose name made his courses desirable all over the state and maybe the U.S. too! But at that point it was nothing.

This spring, Hancock’s own golf course opened after much expense and much still to be done. It is thriving and creating a great income for the town of Hancock which was persuaded to keep it. Many knowledgeable people volunteered and the community feels good. Supervisor Rowe and the board no longer need headache relievers and I believe donated some $$$.

In my letters to supervisors Myers and Rowe I gave addresses and phone numbers telling both situations so they would talk it over and see if this or similar lease problems might happen in Saugerties. I’ve heard from neither nor read anything about my letters or a talk between the two supervisors in their town meetings nor has Kelly mentioned anything in the paper.

After reading Charles Lantz’s opinion, I trust it, and his figures, and my writing will help Saugerties to take the right action.

Lilyan Brown


Successful garden tour

On Saturday, July 7, a beautiful sunny day, over $9,000 was raised for the Boys & Girls Club and the Friends of Historic Kingston, when well over 300 people visited the gardens during the eighth annual Secret Gardens Tour. This was our most successful tour to date.

Our sincere thanks to all those involved with the tour. Without question, the biggest and most appreciative thank you goes to the gardeners – Peggy & Frank Almquist, Marcuse Pfeifer, Doris & Jerry Soldner, John McKinney, Mercedes Karabec, Ed Blouin & Gianni Aguado and George Cole & Robin Mizerak, who worked many, many long hours in their gardens to make them as perfect as possible for the day of the tour.

Our thanks and gratitude to the many businesses and individuals who helped by sponsoring the tour – The Center of Health, George Cole Auctions, Dr. Debra A. Koehn, Vivo Restaurant at the Lazy Swan Golf Course, Methods Tooling & Manufacturing, The Naccarato Insurance Agency, Rip Van Winkle Country Club, Saugerties Animal Hospital, Sinnott Associates, Vicky St. John-Gilligan, Westwood Metes & Bounds Realty, Betsy & Doug Wilson, Aqua Jet Pools and Spas, Augustine Nursery, Julianne Dow, Jin Shin Jyutsu Accupressure, Gary and Marge Bischoff, Boice’s Farm and Garden Stand, Helsmoortel Insurance & Realty, Leighton’s Water Treatment & Hudson Valley Spring Water Co., Ryan Roach & Ryan, P.C., Mike Saporito Photography, Leeanne and Larry Thornton, Rose Marie Maresca & Donald McCormick, Awnings Direct, Michael and Connie Catalinotto, Croswell Enterprises, Raquel and Harold Kleinfeld, Potter Brothers Ski Shop, Myrna Sameth, Simulaids, Total Tennis, Dr. and Mrs. Adam Soyer, Lanny E. Walter, Williams & Russ/Photosensualis

Thanks also to those who provided goods or services – Adams Fairacre Farms, Paul Backstrom, Donna Dittus, Herzog’s True Value, LoDolce Machine Company, M&T Bank, Rondout Savings, Ryan, Roach & Ryan, PC, Sawyer Savings, Herve Senequier and Smith Hardware. We also extend our sincere thanks to this newspaper for publicizing the tour. The tour could not happen without the help of the 25 volunteers who assisted at the gardens and at registration on the day of the tour. Our thanks to each and every one of them. Lastly, thanks to all the people who bought tickets to visit the beautiful gardens. We hope you all had a wonderful time.

Eight Secret Garden Tours have been possible because of your support. We hope to continue to create Secret Garden Tours for years to come

Thank you all!

Jamie Fine
garden tour coordinator
Sue Worthman
publicity chair
Boys & Girls Club Saugerties Unit


Kudos to Lighthouse keepers

We would like to show our appreciation of the Lighthouse Conservancy and specifically the keepers, Patrick Landewe and Anna Berkheiser. The Lighthouse is a wonderful asset to the community and a resource for sharing nature, the river and our community. Patrick and Anna, each with their individual gifts, have done so much to welcome, educate and maintain our magnificent Lighthouse. I would hope that everyone enjoying the waterfront would join the Conservancy and volunteer.

Robin Goss, Dave Minch,
Marlena Morallo, Abby Newton,
Francesca Ortolano, Kate Shuter