Tourists demand a porta-potty

For shoppers that just have to go, and businesspeople trying to keep their restrooms clean, the village has an idea: a new porta-potty in the municipal lot behind Mirabella’s restaurant.

Mayor William Murphy says tourists have complained that there are no available restrooms in the village. Businesses are telling the tourists that their restrooms are only available to customers, so for those not patronizing the stores, there is no recourse.

Years ago, there was a portable toilet in the same parking lot, Murphy said, but it was taken away before he became mayor. Trustee Jeannine Mayer said she would like to see permanent facilities located somewhere in the main village section, for those on the go who have to go.


Fellow trustee Donald Hackett said maybe one of the businesses that has a parking lot might want to volunteer to have one. He added that the back of the parking lot behind Mirabella’s is kind of remote.

“I don’t like it,” Hackett said, “I don’t think it’s necessary.”

Trustee Vincent Buono said that people “have approached me and asked for it, so I think there is a need for it.”

However, Buono agreed with Mayer, saying that he would like to see a permanent facility in the village.

Murphy said during the next month, officials will ask companies to bid on the proposal to site a porta-potty in the village, and a vote will take place at the board’s July meeting.

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  1. Debra

    Porta-potties belong on construction sites and at carnivals or other short-term events. They don’t belong in our village. What an eyesore that would be! It’s very common that a restaurant, cafe, etc. would permit only customers to use their bathrooms. The answer is to be a customer and then the bathroom can be yours! It’s not a big deal to purchase some sort of refreshment and then use the bathroom.

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