Letter: Tyner’s the action candidate

Joel Tyner will fight for progressive values as he has been doing for 20 years. He is exactly what the progressive side needs now to combat the absurdity of Republican politicians whom Schreibman would be compromising with the way the president has over the past three and a half years. Enough slow deliberate get-nowhere thinking. It is too late for that. We need action and Tyner is the action candidate.

Balance the budget using fair taxes on the super wealthy (Bernie Sanders, who spoke on the Senate floor for over eight hours on the need to remove Bush tax cuts for the super wealthy).
Create a major jobs program (America’s infrastructure needs it).
Honest and true Wall Street reform (your savings and retirement should not be gambled).
Protect basic civil rights (minorities and women deserve no less).
Take a shot on Tyner’s exuberance. We have very little left to lose. But you have to vote this coming Tuesday. Make yourself a note on your calendar and just do it for the people’s candidate!

Ralph Childers, Saugerties