Letters 6/14 – 6/20

These programs have helped my family as well as many other families maneuver day to day life raising children who have challenges and obstacles in living with ADHD, anxiety and other mental health disorders. Without the continued care, dedication and hard work of the people who run the kids and parents groups, we would not be in as good a place as we are today. Through Kids Together and Discovering Together, we were challenged to do the work it takes to overcome many challenges that our family faced on a day to day basis.  My son has finished his final year in Kids Together and will be leaving for college in the fall. For the past five years he has participated in these programs he has been able overcome many challenges. A new adventure awaits him in college and now he will be able to use the skills he learned and apply them on his own. My daughter has also finished another year of Kids Together and with the skills and tools that she has obtained through much work in her KT group, she will be finishing her first year of High School.

I am happy to say that our family as well as many other families will benefit from another year of Kids Together and Discovering Together next year!

If you or someone you know is suffering from a mental health illness, please do not hesitate to obtain help through the agencies that are available in this community. Mental health illnesses should not be looked at any different than diabetes, heart disease or any other physical illness. Would you tell your family member or friend who suffers from one of these “physical illnesses” that it’s only their imagination or it’s no big deal? I think not! Then please do not ignore the needs of those who have a mental illness. Mental illness treatment is just as important as any physical illness treatment.


Amy Russell
West Hurley


Think About It

Do you ever wonder why, when standing by your house or walking through the woods or viewing the Comeau property, it looks the way it does? How about laws, rules and regulations…

Howard Harris


Who’s Hip?

Have you noticed that young people can have long hair, play in rock bands, sell pot, live without working, but only when they join Occupy Wall Street does the media call them “hippies”?



Tibet Aid, Tibetian Center Not The Same

Tibet Aid located on 34 Tinker Street is a non-profit organization that provides humanitarian assistance to the people of Tibet in as well as those in exile. It supports educational and medical relief programs for Tibetan refugees, locates sponsors for the homeless, impoverished and destitute nuns, children, and elders.

The Tibetian Center is on Route 28. The two organizations are not connected to each other though some people may believe they are one and the same.

Maralyn Master


Blood Drive Thanks

The generosity of our community was on full display once again last week, as Woodstockers stepped up to answer the call from the Red Cross in its latest area blood drive. Tapping volunteers from our already-all-volunteer fire companies, and held at Company 5 (rescue squad) on Tinker Street, the event proved to be a great success.

Special thanks go out to the people and businesses who made extraordinary contributions to achieve that success. These included Jim Crowley, Lori Heaven, Brian Berry, Mike Lourenzo, Edith Wright, and Bob Baker, all members of the Woodstock Fire Department. In addition, we thank the cadre of generous businesses who donated food for the volunteers and Red Cross staff, including the Landau Grill, Sunfrost Farms, Catskill Mountain Pizza, Little Bear restaurant, Woodstock Meats, Hurley Ridge Market, Wok & Roll restaurant, and the community’s newest (and very welcome) donor participant, the Creekside Grille restaurant. Thanks also to WDST Radio Woodstock for its help in announcing the event.

Of course, a huge thanks most of all to the many members of the community who turned out to give blood — many for not the first time, or even the 10th time, but for the umpteenth time beyond anyone’s count. It is this sort of generosity that earns Woodstock top honors time and again on the Red Cross’ perpetual tour of towns, doing its important work. Woodstockers have good reason to be proud. If you missed this one, the next opportunity will come along soon enough, in early August, where no doubt Woodstockers will again distinguish themselves in support of this cause.

Joe Nicholson,
Company 4 (Zena)
Woodstock Fire Department