Letter: I support Julian

To the editor:

On June 26 there will be a Democratic primary election. While many of my progressive friends sport Joel Tyner buttons I stand strongly in support of Julian Schreibman for Congress in the 19th CD. Julian is progressive on all the issues that are important to this district — from women’s rights to anti-fracking — and his extensive experience gives him a greater chance of appealing to an electorate that is far more Republican than what Congressman Hinchey faced.

Julian grew up inKingston, the largest town in the new 11-county very rural CD-19, and lives in this area with his lovely wife and three children. As a federal prosecutor he won the Attorney General’s Distinguished Service Award for the successful prosecution of the terrorists who bombed U.S. embassies.

He also put narcotics traffickers and white collar criminals behind bars and, as senior assistant district attorney in Ulster County, child rapists and wife beaters.


Julian’s personal qualities also stand out: his integrity, his deep sense of justice, his careful thinking and measured responses, and his commitment to making a difference for the 99 percent.

Ultimately whoever wins the Democratic primary will face a very tough fight in a highly contested district against an incumbent Tea Party Republican with unlimited funds. Schreibman has the endorsement of the district’s Democratic Committees, unions and the Working Families Party. He has won the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s (DCCC) coveted Red-to-Blue designation and has been able to raise money to run a serious, strong campaign against the Republican incumbent.

In short, Julian Schreibman is as progressive as his opponent in the Democratic primary and has the experience, support and funds to ultimately win against a Republican, which is why Schreibman gets my vote on June 26.

For a Democratic victory in 2012,

Judith Simon, Saugerties

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  1. nopolitics

    This is an easy retort:Schreibman has extensive experience in things that have nothing to do with being a Congressman;whereas Tyner has extensive experience actually being a lawmaker. I think then, your argument on “extensive experience” falls completely flat.

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