Bodywork by the minute at the Repair Shop in Gardiner

Aleese Cody and Robin Hayes of The Repair Shop. (photo by Lauren Thomas)

What if, in the middle or at the end of a day you could grab a shoulder or foot massage as easily as you pick up a double latte? What if, (almost) any time you want, you could have strong fingers sink deep into your tense trapezius or manipulate your metatarsal muscles in a truly marvelous way? Welcome to The Repair Shop, a little piece of heaven that is Gardiner’s newest Main Street business. No appointment needed here. For $1 a minute, you can just turn your tired toes or beleaguered back over to one of three licensed massage therapists — for as long as you choose — who will make sure that you leave soothed, grateful and buoyed by all the benefits that massage offers.

The Repair Shop is the newest brainchild of Robin Hayes who brought the idea for the $1-per-minute massage service home with her from a recent trip to Thailand. Hayes co-owns the shop with Aleese Cody, a NYS licensed and Nationally Certified Massage Therapist since 2004. “Massage supports a healthy lifestyle and I wanted to offer the kind of indulgence that fits most people’s schedule and budget,” said Hayes. “The Repair Shop provides the convenience and flexibility that will make it easy for people to give that gift to themselves — or to someone else.”


Cody also offers full body Swedish, deep tissue, maternity, sports, reflexology and trigger-point therapies by appointment, in the shop’s private back room. Gift cards are also available and can be used in time increments of ten minutes or more. “Massage has many therapeutic benefits,“ she explained. “It may reduce adhesions, increase range of motion, circulation and immunity, encourage deeper breathing, relieve or prevent migraine pain and promote relaxation.”

The Repair Shop, which is also currently displaying paintings by artist Jerry Teters, sets the tone the moment you cross its threshold and settle in one of the two reclining seats or lean forward in the forehead — these are the best massage chair. In order to research this piece, I found it necessary to visit a few times, explore its services first hand, and interview another of its very happy and relaxed customers.

“I regularly stop by the Repair Shop between clients,” said Kay Churchill, a landscape and gardening consultant. “It’s a great quick fix for anyone who needs that kind of relief, and who doesn’t?”

The Repair Shop is open Monday and Wednesday-Friday from noon to 6:30 p.m.; and Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. It’s closed on Tuesday.

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