Michael Ciccone at Opus 40

Michael Ciccone superimposed in a close-up of his sculpture “Cloudy Day in August.” (Martin Josephski)

For the first time in a very long time, Opus 40 is hosting a one-man art installation. Opening with a special reception on Friday, May 25 and running through June 30, “Michael Ciccone: Line Becomes Form – Recent Sculptures and Drawings” is, according to the artist, an aptly-named exhibition.

“Basically, I’m using anything where I can formulate the line in my head,” said Ciccone. “Right now I’m using steel, I’m using carved concrete, I’m using friggin’ plastic. There’s going to be mixed media sculpture and at least 150-200 sketches and drawings with bamboo and India ink.


The drawings will occupy the gallery at Opus 40, with designs based on the monolith and other forms.

“I have this linear line, abstract figurative, and then you have this four times the size on the bottom, this plinth,” Ciccone said, adding that he also has a face series he’s been working on as well. But the show will also feature large sculptures, which at Opus 40 means the great outdoors.

“When you’re facing the house, that piece of land to the right is going to have these, it’s going to be a passageway to a few sculptures, and I’m going to have sculptures around the pool area as well,” Ciccone said. “The entire body of work is based on a dot that becomes a line. I tried to abstractly lean towards the figurative.”

Ciccone said he learned his efforts to have a one-man show at Opus 40 were successful less than a year ago.

“I’ve been working on it diligently ever since,” he said, noting that it will be the first one-man show at the legendary environmental sculpture since Opus 40’s founder Harvey Fite passed away in 1976.

In the midst of his Opus 40 show, the ever-busy Ciccone will be part of a two-man show with Steve Crohn at the Doghouse Gallery in Saugerties. “Ciccone – Sculpture/Drawings, Crohn – Painting Installation” runs from June 9 through July 1.

For more information on “Michael Ciccone: Line Becomes Form – Recent Sculptures and Drawings”, visit www.opus40.org and www.michaelciccone.com.

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