Supervisor: if residents want a dog park, speak up

A call for a Saugerties dog park by some local residents is music to Rae Stang’s ears. She’s been working on the issue for years.
Stang, the owner of Lucky Chocolates, lives in town with her best friend Effie — a Jack Russell Terrier who bucks her breed’s reputation: Effie’s so calm she’s a therapy dog.

Will it happen? Mayor William Murphy says there’s no room in the village. Town supervisor Kelly Myers gave a more promising response: she said if there are a lot of people interested in a town dog park, they should come to a Town Board meeting and raise the issue. (Recent support has been voiced mostly on this newspaper’s website.)

Myers said she thinks it’s a good idea, but she wonders how much the insurance would cost. She said apartment-dwelling dog-owners would benefit most from a park.


“Dog owners would get a chance to meet other dog owners,” Myers added.

Stang was such an avid supporter of bringing a dog park to Saugerties that several years ago she had a Facebook page bringadogparktosaugerties, which has since been pulled from the site.

“This would be great,” she said of the possibility of bringing a park to town.

“But it would take a committed group of people to make it happen.”

Where would it be?

Stang suggested that a portion of Cantine park would be great. Seamon Park is already dog-friendly.

Myers said that all residents have to do is come before the board and get the ball rolling.

Or go into Lucky Chocolates and talk to Rae, and maybe Stang will fetch back her Facebook page.


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  1. Liz Hernandez

    To be honest, I would never take my dog to a dog park. They could pick up terrible parasites, and you never know how dogs will interact. If your dog approaches another one who is very territorial, you could have a fight on your hands. I’ve raised more than 20 dogs and never even considered bringing one to a dog park. They’re just as happy to be trained on a lead to take a brisk walk with their pack leader. Everybody gets exercise and stays out of trouble.

  2. Shelley

    Rae- I have wanted a dog run in this town for years. There was a movement for it many years ago but it fell flat. However, the time may be ripe for it now. As an original founding member of dog runs in NYC parks I would be happy to help in any way I can.

  3. Bob Davies

    Dog parks are an excellent wat to not only exercise you four legged friend but it is also a great way to socialize them as well. I am very much in favor of a dog park!If they want input from the public then I will be more than happy to oblige, see you all at the next Town Board Mtg. Beautiful dog on the front page dont you think Liz? 😉

  4. theresa uvino

    I love bringing my dogs to dog parks. I travel all the way to athens so they can play with other furry friends. I think it would be wonderful. As for a location what about J.C field in Barclay Heights? Everytime i drive by there it looks a little on the run down side and does not look like it gets much use.

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