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I probably had something I wanted to say in this column this week, but the news about Levon Helm has knocked me off my game. His passing has saddened us all.

So here’s a few things Levon might have wanted us to do:

Go out and hear live music. Support musicians. Play music yourself.


Support our schools — Levon always did, doing numerous benefits for Onteora.

Honor our volunteers, as he did, performing at the yearly August ceremony.

Love your neighbors and your community, and be generous with them, as he was. Witness the testimony of many who got to attend a Midnight Ramble for free, though the ticket price was steep. Or came to the free shows at Gill Farms, or witnessed him performing on the Village Green.

Remember the old ways, the ways of people interacting with people. Treat the people who work for and with you in a fine loving fashion.

Don’t take any day on this planet for granted.

And don’t ever let the music stop.++


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  1. Roger Schimmel

    Nice remembrance. I remember the first time I heard Music From Big Pink; it was at your house, Brian. Can’t imagine what he meant to Woodstock, but to me, a unique voice and man.

  2. Jim gargiulo

    met levon at the turning point shortly after his first cancer surgery, he was friendly and graciuos,i have his autograph on a dollar bill,i will cherish it forever! Thank you Levon,no doubt you,Rickand Richard are jamming right now.

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