Letter: Sports complex is a winner

Illustration by Will Dendis

Tonight (4/4/12) I attended the Town of Saugerties public hearing on the proposed Saugerties Sports Complex. The presentation by Mr. John Barese and his team was thorough. Many in attendance brought forth pertinent questions and offered statements regarding the plans for such a facility. Mr. Barese and his team answered all with as much detail as possible.

As a coach and sports parent my family and I have been a part of the elite sports culture that travels to destinations such as these in other towns and cities. We have attended events where literally hundreds of participants and their families spend entire weekends. They book rooms in the local hotels, eat in the restaurants and gas up their vehicles for the return trip to their hometowns.

So who will come?  Elite level athletes and their parents who support their endeavors emotionally, physically and financially. We will see high drive individuals with a passion for competition, excellence and a full life. So why not welcome them to a facility located in the heart of one of the gems of our town – Cantine Field?


Are there concerns and details that need to be fully addressed – of course! Any joint project with the vision and scope of one such as this must be carefully developed. I believe a partnership beneficial to all can be entered into to bring this facility to life. It will require thoughtful consideration and deliberations and I encourage all the parties to begin to work together immediately to make this vision into a reality!

Robert Slate
Teacher, coach and resident