Walkway Over the Hudson launches Guinness world record effort

A line of dancers provided a demonstration of the Hokey Pokey dance during Monday’s press conference at the Walkway.

The nonprofit group Walkway Over the Hudson kicked off its drive to break a Guinness world record this week with a call for 3,000 people to register online to participate in a June 9 effort to create a new record for the longest line of dancers performing the Hokey Pokey!

At a press conference held Monday at the park’s center observation area, Walkway executive director Elizabeth Waldstein-Hart explained that the fundraising event will create a line of dancers more than a mile long, and that a Guinness world records judge will attend and present the new world record if the attempt is successful.


“This will be one of the most exciting public events in the Hudson Valley. What a spectacular sight, the world’s longest line of people on the world’s longest pedestrian bridge,” said Waldstein-Hart of the world record attempt. “We want everybody to visit our website to sign up, and join us to do the Hokey Pokey on the Walkway on Saturday, June 9 with 3,000 of our closest friends. That’s what it’s all about!”

Organizers plan to offer contests and prizes for teams planning to participate in the June 9 world record attempt. Walkway will attempt to break an existing Guinness world record originally established in June 2008 by 2,350 Estonians performing the “Toe Dance,” an Estonian folk dance.

“We’re looking for participation from around the Hudson Valley to make this a regional event that we can all be proud of,” said Waldstein-Hart. “There will only be 3,000 participant spots, so I strongly encourage everyone who wants to join us to sign up as soon as possible!”

Online registration can be accessed by visiting the Walkway Over the Hudson website at www.walkway.org, where a link to the registration site will be provided. Registration will cost $15 per person and participants ages 7 and older will be allowed to participate.

For more information, call 454-9649.